Conan Mac

Interview: ACM student Conan Mac releases ‘Date Night’

20 Jun 2018

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Creative Artist Degree student Conan Mac recently launched his single ‘Date Night’, we caught up with him to find out how it went…

What course are you studying on at ACM?

“I am studying the Creative Artist Songwriting Degree at Metropolis, London.”

How did the launch of the single go?

“The launch party was a complete success! The venue was packed, the other bands were incredible, everyone sang along and it was exactly what I needed to send the single off with a bang! This was my first time performing at the venue and I can’t wait to go back! The raised stage with lighting looks great, but the venue still feels intimate and is small enough for the performances to feel personal! Would highly recommend it. Not to mention its incredible heritage and artist credits.

The new track also features up and coming London rapper ‘Kaniva’ who made a guest appearance for the live performance (which went down so well it was requested again!). A compilation of fan phone footage has been synced together to form this unique live video, linked below!

To summarise, the best/most rewarding gig I have played to date. The next one is already being planned for July!”

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt at ACM so far and what would be your advice to other students looking to release their music?

“The most important thing ACM has taught me is that you should attend, work on and be a part of as many things as you possibly can! In my first year I tried to say yes to every single gig, event or networking opportunity and it really put me in a good stand when it came to being able to ask for favours back from people. People in the industry respect others who work hard, just be polite and get known as the person who is reliable!”

Describe your music and where can we find you online?

“All my content is uploaded to my website and Instagram (, with links to my music on Spotify and Apple Music under ‘Conan Mac’.

The new single date night is available here…”

What are your plans next as an artist?

“Having just set up a commercial studio called ‘Larkhill Studios’ with my Producer (& ACM Guildford Alumni) Patch Boshell in Sutton, I can’t wait to write and collaborate with even more artists and release more music.”

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