At ACM we believe in providing you with real industry experience alongside your study.

Our industry professional mentors are practicing professionals with their own portfolio of work from album releases to live performance and writing / producing for well known artists and they bring their A game to help you develop yours. These professionals are trained mentors. They do not teach you and this is a very important part of the plan which is personal and professional development.

They will guide you and also give you critical feedback and the fact that this is coming from industry and not your tutors means it falls outside of anything you could be assessed on and reflects exactly how the industry works, in practice.

At this stage in your career, you will be wanting to perform at gigs and showcase your talents. Our mentors can help guide and shape you to becoming great entertainers and performers.

It is not just about the performance though, our mentors can also help with planning and organising tours; getting the best out of live performances, we understand these are skills that sometimes don’t come naturally, they are things that need to be worked on consistently until they become second-nature for you. Every amateur has the potential to become a pro – all it takes is dedication, hard work and practice. We are here to get the best out of you.

Mentoring is fundamental to learning.

Unique to ACM our Mentors support as industry professionals within the environment and context of industry practice. The core purpose of mentoring by industry practicing professionals is to help you carry the skills and knowledge you develop on programme, into your professional career.

The transition from a leaner to a professional is crucial and by the time you graduate from ACM you’ll be industry ready.

Kainne Clements | ACM Chairman