What is Hybrid Drumming?

Hybrid Drumming refers to a style of drumming that combines traditional acoustic drums with electronic elements and technology.

In a hybrid drum kit, acoustic drums are often augmented or replaced with electronic drum pads, triggers, and other electronic percussion devices. This blending of acoustic and electronic elements allows drummers to access a wide range of sounds and effects, expanding their sonic palette and versatility.

Hybrid Drumming is an industry expectation, and understanding how the evolution of technology aligns with all aspects of our musical journeys is essential.

As academic industry leaders, we recognize the importance of reflecting the ever-changing shape of the music industry. Therefore, with our new partners, Joe Clegg|Artclub Live & Roland, sharing our vision and shaping our new Hybrid academic framework, we aim to be the market leaders with this innovative product.

ACM x Joe Clegg x Roland Hybrid Drum Module

At the core of our commitment is the ‘ACM Hybrid Drum Module.’ The integration of this module into our Drums Degree programme embodies our dedication to innovation. Each of our campuses is equipped with dedicated drum suites, creating a bespoke setting that encapsulates the evolution of the drum kit. Here, students can explore, create, and master the art of Hybrid Drumming in a state-of-the-art environment.

With our partners Roland and Joe Clegg, we are actively shaping a groundbreaking Hybrid academic framework. This framework goes beyond traditional boundaries, providing students with a comprehensive and cutting-edge drumming education.

Meet Joe Clegg, a trailblazing force in the world of hybrid drumming, recognized globally for his innovative contributions to contemporary music.

Joe Clegg has become a leading figure in shaping the sonic frontiers of today’s music landscape and stands at the forefront of the hybrid drumming movement. His distinctive style has left an indelible mark on the industry, and his collaborations with notable artists underscore his unique ability to seamlessly fuse electronic and acoustic elements.

As a key collaborator with Brit Award winner Ellie Goulding, Joe’s hybrid drumming has played a crucial role in defining Ellie’s unique sound. Serving as the musical director for Grammy Award winners Clean Bandit, he has pushed the boundaries of live performances, showcasing the transformative potential of hybrid drumming on a global stage.

Joe’s commitment to advancing the art of drumming is exemplified by his collaboration with ACM and Roland on the groundbreaking ACM Hybrid Drum Module. This partnership reflects his dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology, creating an immersive experience for drummers, and inspiring a new generation of musicians.

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