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Foxe and BlackWaters Among Top Tracks Of The Week

22 Mar 2019

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The ACM Alumni Special: A selection of ACM’s finest artists, hand-picked to end your week on a high. Discover more on our This Is ACM playlist!

FOXE – Bubblegum

Where many artists might curve away from the use of descriptive titles for their songs, Foxe, three-piece indie outfit from Guildford couldn’t have christened this track with a better name – it’s light, it’s poppy, it’s ‘Bubblegum’. However – don’t be fooled by it’s Disney-esque, sweeter-than-sugar sound, for the lyrics tell a whole other story of how sometimes, life doesn’t always appear as pretty as we’d like it to be. For a flash-forward into this year’s festival season, check out this track for a summery, dance pop jingle that definitely defies expectations and delivers on everything an indie-lover could possibly want.

BlackWaters – Down

If there was ever a step-to-step guide on how to create the perfect indie sound, BlackWaters have read the instruction manual from front to back, thrown it out, and angrily forked a whole host of unmentionable ingredients into the mixing bowl.  For a song that’s full of grit and rebellion, ‘Down’ is a track that will make you want to start a revolution and tear down the government, or just simply, stand up to your bandmate who constantly eats way too loudly during rehearsals. Each to their own – but we know this track is for everyone.

The Shires – I Just Wanna Love You

Grab your favourite pair of leather cowboy boots, chuck on your Indiana-Jones hat replica and pack away a handful of tissues, because this is the soundtrack to your broken-hearted, sunset stroll through the countryside. Or at least, around your local park. With lyrics such as “I know I’m broke, but I don’t need to spend a dime / Since I met you, all I need is your time” this song is ready to jerk tears of even the most cold-hearted of listeners and be placed on your new Country-pop playlist. Check it out below:


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