Exploring Metropolis Blue Rooms

25 Apr 2024

The Blue Room studio is ACM’s best kept secret. Our Editor Jack O’Sullivan took a tour of the building and spoke to Mawan Elbergamy, Head of the Artist Development programme and a Lead Mentor, as well as an acclaimed producer. 

Sat in the Dolby Atmos suite Marwan highlighted ‘you can only properly learn with the right gear,’ and that is exactly what the Blue Room offers – equipment that really constitutes the present and future of music.

Despite being a modestly sized studio every room is stocked full of top shelf equipment. Which coupled with the great and acclaimed creative minds of the staff present and the students working away in various rooms demonstrates a superior quality of creativity. 

Designed with Artist Development in mind, the Blue Rooms opens a door directly to the Industry, the space echoes the professional attitude and atmosphere a working musician can expect in a professional studio. The idea is to expose students to the honest expectations of the ‘real world’ industry as well as actively moulding talent and dedication into the finest recorded product.

‘‘The artists we are working with are very early stages, sometimes some will maybe be gigging or getting out there a bit but on the whole, its early stages.’’

Despite it being early doors for some musicians, that isn’t preventing a productive environment. Great music is being made and the AD team doesn’t have to hold many hands. This was pleasing to hear as abstract requirements of experience or traction are often massive inhibitors of talent.  

Discussing what allows a student to stand out and what brings them into the studio, Marwan emphasised heavily that what they are looking for is ‘dedication and drive,’ an individual who can stand on their own two feet and can be assisted and not led through the creative process. The work being done here is in tandem with student’s aspirations and goals, not simply to teach them how to do this or that.

This isn’t just your average studio space. Due to its links to Metropolis and the many connections of its individuals and as an organisation, there are resources available beyond recording and mastering. Linked with Metropolis’s three genre-specific labels; Metropolis Blue, Met Black and Metro Sound. This association is a great privilege to ACM students and should act as a motivator to spark ambition and creativity.

Already working with some amazingly talented artists whom I expect will soon be stars, this resource is massively important to the success of ACM as a creative community and as a foothold to the music industry.

For students itching to get involved with The Blue Rooms, all you’ve got to do is contact Industry Link, or Marwan directly at industrylink@acm.ac.uk or marwan@acm.ac.uk respectively. 

Let’s hear your thoughts: thebuzz@acm.ac.uk