The ACM Games Academy Masterclasses – Series 3 – Modelling

Series 3 of our ACM Games Development Masterclass welcomes another expert from industry, Sonya Ivanova and her skills in Digital Modelling.

Sonja will be presenting ‘An Introduction to the field of game animation and the role of animators in the game development process’ and taking about her role in industry.

This Digital Modelling Masterclass will be taking place at ACM Games Academy @ Brixton (Carlton Mansions) –  15:30hrs to 17:30hrs this Thursday, 9th March  2023.

Please View More of Sonja’s Excellent Work on the links below

Since its release, Substance Painter has quickly become the go-to program for digitally painting and texturing 3D models. It is widely used in game and film production, product design, fashion and architecture; the game design and animation fields, in particular, have adopted the program as an industry standard.

This session is designed to break down the steps needed to texture a 3D character and prepare it for use in Unreal Engine with the goal of implementing a nondestructive workflow.

Sonja will cover:

  • Preparing the model in Maya and the UI
  • Substance Painter UI
  • Baking mesh maps
  • Smart Materials and Smart Masks
  • Exporting textures

Sonya has studied and worked at Escape Studios in London. She collaborated with industry veterans to learn advanced production techniques and worked alongside students to develop their skills to an industry-standard level in courses such as MA Character and Creature Creation, BA/MArt The Art of Computer Animation and the evening courses Concept Art and Motion Graphics. In addition to her academic background, Sonya has gained valuable experience as a CG generalist through her freelance work. Currently, she is sharing her knowledge and expertise with aspiring animators as an Associate Lecturer in the BA Animation program at LCC.


15:30 – 15:45 (15 minutes)

Introductions: Sonja will introduce herself and give a brief overview of her background and experience in 3D modelling using Substance Painter and Autodesk Maya. Students to introduce themselves as well and ask any initial questions they may have.

15:45 – 16:30 (45 minutes)

Presentation: Sonja will give a presentation on the basics of 3D modelling, including a run down of the software, techniques, and best practices as used within her industry. This will be Live demonstration of preparing a model in Maya along with an overview of the UI.

16:30 – 16:45 (15 minutes)

Break: A Short break for everyone to stretch their legs and refresh their minds.

16:45 – 17:20 (45 minutes)

Sonja will also demonstrate the use of Substance Painter 3D modelling software and its UI along with Baking mesh maps, identifying smart materials and smart masks.

Followed by a brief Project discussion: Sonja will discuss with students a specific 3D modelling project she has worked on and walk through the process of how she created it. Students will have time to ask questions and learn from her experience.

17:20 – 17:30 QnA

Wrap-up: ACM Student QnA to ask any remaining questions everyone may have. Sonja to summarise the key takeaways from the visit.

Goodbyes,  Thank You’s and an opportunity to allow ACM students and prospects to network and exchange contact information if they wish.

If you’re interested in a course with us, or are enrolled for the coming year, please feel free to join us on this page where we’ll be sharing the video.


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Thursday 09 March 2023




ACM Games Academy @ Brixton (Carlton Mansions), Coldharbour Ln, London SW9 8PL