Students are joined by Grieg Watt to take part in a Q&A and talk, followed by the Creative Artist Pathway Professional Brief & Global Songwriting playback session for their ‘Eurovision’ songwriting brief week.

Greig Watts is one third of the Uk based Writing, production and publishing team DWB.

Greig’s main writing role is lyrics as well as melody and he also heads up the Publishing department which means he has an A & R’s ears. This role involves managing many other writers (who between them have been involved in over 100 Million sales). Over the past few years, Greig has hosted many successful song writing camps, for Asia, Eurovision and was part of the team putting together the 1st Midem camp.

The success of these camps and songs coming from them has lead to Greig becoming an expert in the particular areas of Asia and Eurovision, and he has subsequently been a conference speaker, panellist or Moderator at (Moscow), GMA (Taiwan), ADE (Amsterdam), Sound City (Liverpool) and more. Greig has overseen 12 Eurovision entries in 8 consecutive years since 2016, as well as approximately 50 National finalists during that period.

Event Details


Thursday 14 March 2024




Rodboro Room 1, The Rodboro Buildings, Bridge St, Guildford GU1 4SB