COVID Security Protocols, effective September 2020

Keeping everybody safe

So that we can keep everybody safe on campus, ACM is asking you to think about your conduct off campus, too. Whether you’re inside one of our buildings or living your life outside of ACM, please adhere to the government’s latest guidelines on social distancing available at When you’re on campus, you’ll need to comply with the COVID-Secure protocols outlined below.

When it’s OK to be on Campus

During this extraordinary period, ACM will be carefully measuring and managing the density and movement of people around our buildings, in order to keep our community safe and well. ACM students will split their time between our digital and on campus environments. You’ll learn online, and then apply your learning in our professional grade performance, recording and teaching facilities, in small project groups averaging 6-8 students. You’ll be actively using facilities for the benefit of your learning and assessments, and sufficient time has been built in to your personal timetable to ensure fair access for all. Please only travel to campus for your timetabled activities and/or a confirmed meeting with one of our staff members.

Feeling poorly?

Please do not enter an ACM building if you are feeling poorly or you are affected by household quarantine. There is no extra credit available for being brave, and you may be putting others at risk by being on campus when you’re not in tip-top health. If you feel poorly, you should first seek medical advice and then let ACM know how you’re feeling by calling 01483 500 800. If you are under household quarantine, you should also talk to us. Talking to us is especially important if you are advised that you have or are likely to have COVID, so that ACM can activate the appropriate protocols. There are lots of bugs that aren’t COVID, but which can still make you feel unwell, but our message is simple. Whether you’ve got a little #FreshersFlu or something more, seek medical guidance, keep us updated, and don’t return to campus until you are recovered. The good news is, your community lectures and smaller cohort sessions are all delivered online and automatically recorded, so you will be able to engage and participate with those from home, as soon as you feel well enough to do so. You can also speak with your Cohort Tutor and/or Level Leader to talk through anything you may have missed in class.

The use of masks whilst on campus.

Any time that you’re moving around on campus, you must wear a face mask or face covering. You are responsible for bringing your own mask(s)/covering(s) with you. ACM cannot provide masks. You should keep your face mask / covering on the entire time you are moving around campus, until such a time as you are seated in your classroom. Where ACM seating plans for classrooms exceed social distancing standards, the government is not requiring you to wear masks whilst you are learning. That said, if you prefer to wear your mask in such a setting, you are most welcome to do so. Please remember to put your mask/covering back on before moving around and/or leaving your classroom. If a staff member asks you to temporarily remove your mask / covering for the purpose of identification at any time, please comply. If you refuse to wear a mask and have no reasonable grounds for doing so, you may be asked to leave ACM premises. Remember to store and keep your mask clean, in accordance with guidelines. You may need to bring multiple masks with you, in the event you need to change yours during the day. If you are exempt or medically unable to wear a mask, please contact so that we can make note and/or alternative plans can be made.

Entering ACM Buildings

Upon approach to an ACM building, you will be greeted by one of our COVID Marshals. These Marshals are responsible for ensuring that users of our buildings comply with our COVID-Secure protocols. The first time you enter an ACM building on a given day, you will be temperature checked by one of our COVID Marshals using contactless thermometer technology, and provided with a sticker. You should place this sticker on the outer-most clothing layer you will wear when inside our buildings, so that it is visible to all staff, alongside your ID card. Anybody not wearing a sticker will be re-checked and re-stickered, when entering a building. We’ll be using different stickers on different days. Please help us by removing your sticker when you leave ACM for the final time, each day. Do not share or collect stickers. They can only help keep us safe when used appropriately. Every time you enter an ACM building, please tap your Student ID card against the contactless readers on our external doors, even if the door is open. This will help us monitor who is on campus during this extraordinary period. You should also sanitise your hands using the nearest available sanitisation station.

Moving around campus

We’ll be controlling the flow of people around campuses. Please move considerately, in single file around our buildings, respecting all signage and leaving adequate distance between you and those around you. Remember.

  • Stay Masked.
  • Stay Left.
  • Keep a distance.
  • Keep safe.

Entering Rooms

Please do not enter a room unless you are booked to use it. Please only enter rooms that you are timetabled to be in and please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. Room doors will be opened by staff in preparation for your arrival to reduce the number of touch points on door handles etc.  ACM will be cleaning rooms between classes. Signage on doors will indicate that cleaning has taken place. To avoid injury or damage, please do not use your own cleaning materials on ACM property. If you are concerned about the cleanliness of an item, please speak to a staff member.

Classroom Seating Configurations

Every classroom has defined seating positions, marked in tape. You should not move your seats away from these seating positions unless a member of staff directs you to do so. The number of students in the room should not exceed the number of seating positions available. Our rooms have been set up as multi-purpose spaces and many of them include a dedicated stage or designated performance space. Where performers are singing, it is vital that there is a 2 metre distance kept between the singer and anybody infront of them. Seating positions marked with yellow/black tape may be occupied at any time. In some classrooms, you may also find a small number of seats marked with pink fluorescent tape. These seats are located within 2 metres of a stage or designated performance area, and should be vacated in the case that a singer is singing in that space. In such an instance, you’ll be directed to move to an alternative space in the classroom by the ACM staff member responsible for delivering the session.

Constant cleaning of High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas and touch points (such as door handles, push bars on doors) will be cleaned regularly throughout the day by our dedicated team.

Use of loaned/shared equipment (microphones, instruments)

ACM is asking students to play their part in stopping the spread of COVID by making all efforts to bring everything they need for learning with them on campus. Where staff and students book out required loan / shared equipment for use in classrooms, this equipment must be returned to the technical services hatch immediately after use for cleaning, before it can be made available to subsequent users. Items that are cleaned will be stickered and stored separately from returned items awaiting processing. Users should sanitize their hands before and after handling shared equipment.

Food and Drink

Food and drink must not be consumed anywhere on ACM premises, save for water in a no-spill sports bottle. This includes staff. On site kitchen and refreshment facilities are not to be used.

Hand Washing Facilities and Sanitisation Stations

You will find hot water and hand soap available at all ACM toilet facilities. Additionally we have provided sanitisation stations (with alcohol based gel) around our campuses. Please wash your hands regularly and thoroughly throughout the day to help prevent the spread of germs. Avoid touching your face during the day and drop the handshakes/fistpumps/high-fives in favour of greetings that are compatible with social distancing guidelines.

Further Information

Further information and regular updates on COVID Security Protocols will be distributed via email to students and registered parental contacts, hereon.