ACM’s Modern Progressive Music degree programme new, exciting and highly specialised pathway that celebrates the unique and exciting modern progressive music genres.

Open to all instrumentalists and vocalists who wish to develop their musicianship in all areas that progressive music offers.

If as a musician you want to explore double-bass drum pedal technique, blast beats, high tempos and stamina-demanding performances, unconventional time signatures, ‘riff-based’ song forms, speed-picking, tapping, sweep-picking, experimentation with unconventional harmony and scales, and strong vocal foundations that allow vocal specialisation from the extreme to operatic vocal performance, this degree programme is for you!

Additionally, students also focus on progressive specialised areas such as branding, marketing and staging, working with advanced music technology, song composition and analysis, and progressive music case studies from the 1960s to the 2020s, creating a strong artistic image and technical bedrock to allow the execution of advanced live performances within the numerous sub-genres that nest within modern progressive music such as Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Symphonic Metal and Instrumental Guitar Rock

ACM offers a unique creative music environment that allows progressive genres to flourish within the wider music industry sector. ACM’s facilities and tutors are cutting-edge and world-class music professionals, that are best positioned to offer this unique and highly specialised degree programme, that acknowledges a very unique and well-established progressive music community.