The Creative Entrepreneur / Songwriter specialism: Empowering Visionary Songwriters in the Business of Music

The “Creative Entrepreneur / Songwriter” specialism is innovatively designed to cater to the aspirations of songwriters who not only seek excellence in songcraft but also aspire to be visionary entrepreneurs within the music industry.

This unique specialism maintains an equilibrium between songwriting and business, emphasising the symbiotic relationship between artistic creativity and entrepreneurial acumen.

By combining songwriting, production, music business, and DIY artistry, this comprehensive approach provides aspiring creatives with the essential tools to not only thrive as artists but also build a successful and sustainable business infrastructure and brand.

The specialism reflects a pioneering approach to music education, recognising the evolving needs of artists in today’s dynamic industry.

Course Details


BA / BSc (Hons) Creative Industries FuturesMCCI Creative Industries Futures

Awarding Body

Middlesex University

Modes of Study

Full time BlendedIntegrated

Study Level(s)


Campus Delivery


2 Year accelerated delivery
3 Year accelerated delivery including Foundation Year
3 Year traditional delivery
Integrated Masters
3 Year accelerated delivery including postgraduate year

FHEQ Credits

Degree 360
Integrated Masters 540

UCAS Institution Code

Institution A48

Entry Requirements

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