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The study of the Industry as it operates today.

ACM introduced a brand new curriculum in 2016. Our genuine learning by doing ethos now better serves our students and our industry alike.

We treat our students as individuals. We build bespoke programmes of study for each of our students, based on their own educational and performance background and personal goals for the future. Our completely unique new Higher Education programme framework therefore features over 100 different modules and numerous unique module combinations that can be tailored to suit every music industry ambition and career destination. We actively publish a certain number of career destinations that are commonly stated as aspirational by our applicants and desirable by our industry, advising you as to which module combinations you might want to consider in pursuit of those particular career goals. If you’d like to pursue something different, however, it’s also completely possible to build and personalise your own programmes, as you see fit.

“I loved coming back to ACM, I have so many awesome memories from when I studied here. I enjoyed being surrounded by so many like-minded people studying the same thing; ACM taught me so much about the industry.”

Joel Peat Lawson Guitarist & ACM Alumnus

Of course, we also understand that not everybody has a specific career destination yet, and so for those of you who haven’t quite made up your mind, the first thing we ask you to think about and choose from is one of five broad study routes. These study routes are described as Musician, Creative Artist, Producer, Business & Innovation and Technical Services.

Choosing a route will dictate a selection of route-specific modules that you will study. Further into your course, in addition to the route-specific modules, you can then select from a suite of zero-credit elective modules and credit-bearing elective modules as you start to formulate your ambitions for the future more clearly.

There are some things that every music industry professional needs to learn and understand. Things such as copyright, who the key players are and how the various sectors of artist management, records, publishing and live work are changing. That’s why our Music Industry Practice qualification also includes a small number of mandatory modules that we believe everybody should study.

“ACM is the most sincere and industry relevant music school and I am proud to be part of the strategic team building post-graduate and incubation programmes by creating Twin Music Inc.”

Nick Gatfield Former Head of Sony & Founder of Twin Music Inc.

The programme is delivered by default in an accelerated format, meaning that you can work towards and obtain a BA(Hons) Degree qualification in just two years. Most applicants considering this accelerated two year study option will have A-Levels, BTEC Level 3, equivalent qualifications or some form of relevant work history, but for those people who haven’t taken a traditional route through education or the working world, a three year study option is also available, which includes a foundation year.

Validated by Middlesex University

ACM Guildford Degrees validated by Middlesex UniversityView ACM Guildford's QAA Review here
ACM in Guildford operate Degree programmes validated by Middlesex University and these programmes have been carefully curated and taught by ACM over many years. We are proud that the forward-thinking, innovative programmes, which in combination with the unique experience of ACM tutors and the ACM ethos, offer the highest degree of employability where all is aimed at creating a sustainable career. ACM Guildford is recognised as a College of Middlesex University.

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