CONN13 | Tied To You

14 Feb 2024

This original track from Conni reflects a soul singer’s vocal range and an artist who’s starting to feel around for their voice, in terms of reflecting her time and place: genre and lyrical content, influenced by hip hop and tricky bpms but sweet as soul should be – for us traditionalists. 

This is the time when music students get a song in their head, write it down, share the building of it on Logic with another student (production) and bish bash bosh it’s out there available to stream.

This shows confidence, not how you think, but in terms of knowing that she will wake up tomorrow with three more ideas better than the last one. I want to give her a good shake though to get the ghost of the great female singers she aspires to out – that would be Etta James, Amy Winehouse… (NR)