CapsaArx X ACM Birmingham Live Stream Sessions

07 Dec 2020

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We caught up with CapsaArx Studios Director, Amie Chatterley, to learn more about our new monthly Live Stream showcase collaboration with the established Birmingham-based recording facility. Each session aims to give ACM students the opportunity to professionally perform their music utilising CapsaArx’s live stream equipment and services! The first session will take place in January – date to be confirmed. Learn more in our recent interview…


What are the CapsaArx ACM Birmingham Live Streaming Sessions?

These Live Streaming sessions are a regular live showcase of some of the upcoming and emerging talent at ACM. A regular event where students can perform on our studio stage, with multi-camera video, fully mixed audio and light show broadcast live to social media.

How did the idea come about for them?

We initially launched our livestream service to help independent and DIY musicians, who have had tours and shows cancelled, to have a platform for engaging with their fan base, whilst still being able to perform on stage in a live environment. Three of our team members also work at ACM Birmingham and a big part of the courses offered involve musical collaborations and the chance to play at and help organise live events. Due to current events, these events haven’t been able to go ahead, so we wanted to dedicate some of our time to helping students still enjoy these experiences.

Tell us how the event works and where it is filmed?

The livestream events are filmed on the Birmingham Rockschool Stage within our studio located in Kings Norton, Birmingham. The shows run like a live event, with the band setting up on stage and sound checking, having a technical test run, and then we hit the button to go live!

We have four static cameras around the stage and a roaming camera operated by our videographer. Our visual engineer is responsible for switching these videos during the show and works with our lighting engineer to produce an experience as close to a live show as possible, but without an audience.

Once we’re ready to go, the band/artist plays their set which is then streamed live directly to our facebook page and the artists.

What can students expect from the events?

As mentioned above, we try and make the experience as close to a live show as possible. It’s run just as a real gig is and the adrenaline of playing to a live internet audience can be just as exciting. With a full light show, multiple cameras and professionally mixed sound, the sessions will offer a multitude of learning experiences to emerging ACM students.

When are the sessions starting and how regularly?

The first session is due to go ahead in January (government guidance permitting) and from there will be on the last Sunday of every month, with a new artist each month. 

How important is it for students to enrich their studies with involvement in events like this?

Education can only prepare you for so much and these experiences are invaluable with putting their existing knowledge into practice, learning from professionals around them and most importantly, they offer incredible networking opportunities that may just help them to get their foot in the door for their chosen career.

How important is content like this in the current climate of the Music Industry?

At the moment, the live music scene is suffering. The thing about the music industry is it’s constantly changing (even when we’re not in a global pandemic!) Those of us who work in the industry, have to adapt constantly to stay in the game and whether we like it or not live streaming is here to stay for the foreseeable until we see a return of live music with an audience being permitted. This great thing about live streaming is that it enables you to connect with people all over the world and not just in your local venue and can be a great opportunity to expand your fanbase.

Where can students watch these Live Streams?

The livestreams will be available to watch on our facebook page, you can like us to keep up to date with our future events on our Facebook page After the event, they will be added to our youtube channel and the artists involved will also receive their video and live mixed audio to use as they please. 

Who can students contact for more info on applying for the sessions?

For more information and to apply to play at our Livestream sessions or to be considered for one of our two intern posts you can visit our webpage here;

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