Artist Development is the process by which a music artist or group is guided, trained, and nurtured to develop their skills, brand, and career.

It encompasses a range of activities and strategies designed to help artists reach their full potential, build their fan base, and achieve success in the music industry.

Artist development can include a variety of activities, such as vocal coaching, songwriting workshops, performance coaching, image consulting, social media strategy, and marketing and promotion. The goal is to help the artist create a unique brand identity and sound, develop their skills as a performer, and navigate the complex and competitive music industry.

Music artist development often involves collaboration between the artist, their management team, producers, record labels, and other industry professionals. The process may take months or even years, and can involve multiple steps and stages, including writing and recording music, building a fan base through live performances, and securing record deals or distribution deals.

Ultimately, the goal of artist development is to help talented artists reach their full potential, and build long-term careers in the music industry. We will help you to:

Step by step plan to better yourself as an artist

  • Discover your self as an artist
  • Develop your songwriting
  • Develop your production
  • Develop your instrument (Skills)
  • Put you in the room with the right people
  • Take your music to a professional level
  • Define your goals
  • Define your audience
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Get to know the business and how it can work in your favour
  • Release Ready

We are based out of Metropolis Blue Rooms although Artist Development takes place across our campuses in Birmingham, London and Guildford.


Metropolis Blue and Metro Sound are our in-house student-led labels in partnership with the world-class Metropolis Studios in London.

Metropolis Blue is a label for bands, singers and songwriters. Metro Sound is dedicated to electronic, hip-hop, grime and underground music, and aims to support electronic producers and artists. Both labels are partnered with AWAL for digital distribution.

Students can get involved with our labels in 2 ways:

Join the label team. Get involved across all different divisions of a record label, from A&R to PR, design, promotion, booking and more. Learn by doing and gain great experience for your CV.

Release music through Metropolis Blue. Get the full support from a complete label team who will help you develop a plan and strategy for your music.

We hold bi-weekly meetings alongside A&R workshops to discover new talent as well as showcases each term, making sure we keep industry aligned with our plans, releases and signings.

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