ACM’s Top Tracks Of The Week – International Women’s Day Special

08 Mar 2019

This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

In key with International Women’s Day, this week we’ve selected a list of talented female acts for you to enjoy. So sit back, and listen to the inspiring women below. Discover more on the This Is ACM Playlist!

Eva-Lina – Like A Girl

In an industry that has typically shunned women away from the limelight for years on end, the empowerment of female artists has never been more needed to replenish the imbalance of our creative world than now.  And what better way is there to empower females than other women? Eva-Lina’s new track ‘Like A Girl’ does exactly that, with lyrics such as “‘Cos ‘Im a do it like a girl, strong, independent, got the world in my hands, don’t wanna mess with me, back off, I’m not your property“, this song is a attitude-ridden, swaggering anthem that puts the power back into pop.

Fuzzbox – International Rescue

80’s pop/rock group We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It, or Fuzzbox for short, performed at ACM Birmingham today, and with it of course being International Women’s Day, this week we’re listening to their dance-inducing track ‘International Rescue’. Featuring energetic bass-lines, catchy vocal melodies and florescent synth, it’s time to throw on your brightly coloured leg-warmers to match. Besides, who doesn’t love a bit of 80’s magic?

Kaima – Liar Liar

Combine the vocal prowess of Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale against Kasabian’s heavily distorted bass and fuzzy guitar, and you’ll find yourself somewhere within the metal-studded doors of the powerhouse that is Kaima. As she aggressively wails lyrics such as “did you think that I wasn’t a fighter? Oh boy, did my back hurt your knife?” and “I am bulletproof, so run I’m coming for you“, Kaima is taking no prisoners with this fist-pumping, heavy-rock spectacle (literally, she says so in the song), and is re-writing what it means to be “girly” – think fierce, powerful and jaw-droppingly talented. Listen below.

Lúna – Mirror//Liar

ACM artist Lúna pairs dark R&B with Trap alongside an important message on her 2018 release ‘Mirror//Liar’. “If I broke my mirror maybe I would love myself” is one of the many thought-provoking lyrics that this track features. To ignore the pressures of the ever-evolving, unreachable standards of the female body that’s continually being presented to us through the media, is a concept that this song, we believe, tries to cover. Through breaking the mirror and focusing on inner beauty, we’re ignoring society’s misconceptions of female beauty. Check it out below.

Sophie & The Giants – Space Girl

With vocal stylings reminiscent of Florence Welch and Sophie Scott, ACM alumni band Sophie & The Giants are making waves within the indie landscape. Scott’s vocals are infectiously powerful, and are strong enough to give any song that anthemic touch. We can’t wait to follow this band’s journey even further.

Make sure to check out the band at Guildford’s The Boileroom on Tuesday 19th March as part of their European tour!

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