ACM’s Top Tracks of the Week Featuring Alyssa Palmer and Ricky Gabriel

12 Apr 2019

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A selection of ACM’s finest artists, hand-picked to finish off your week on a high. Discover more on the This Is ACM playlist!

Alyssa Palmer – Even If (feat. Kierran)

ACM London student Alyssa Palmer radiates positivity and self-acceptance on her track ‘Even If’, which features the narrative of Palmer wishing for something more with a possible love interest. Backed by a youthful xylophone melody, fluctuating bass and a flickering beat, ‘Even If’ blends stylish light pop with silky smooth R&B.

Ricky Gabriel ft. Kenya Johnson – Bad Intentions

Centralised by a dazzling vocal melody (Kenya Johnson), ‘Bad Intentions’ is a sultry, R&B track that channels the same dark energy as the The Weeknd. Featuring a male and female harmonious duet, Kenya’s sound is evocative of Ariana Grande’s notoriously delicate, high-pitched vocal tone whilst Ricky Gabriel’s low-bass rapping underpins the track with effortless style.

Megan Kenny – Roofstops

Transport yourself onto higher plains with Megan Kenny’s ‘Rooftops’ as the serene, nocturnal melody ushers you into a meditative trance. Spacious and charmingly sleepy, Megan interweaves her angelic vocal with space-age sound effects, making it the perfect track to switch on after a long day at the office – you’ll watch your troubles obliterate into the night sky.

El Jibs – The Light Particle

Fall into the catacombs of an alternative dimension with El Jibs‘s array of experimental electronic sounds. With repetitive vocal samples and surrealistic synth, this track will cause its listener to feel entirely emerged within its cinematic soundscape. A peculiar creation of remarkable design; this’ll be the soundtrack to the next apocalyptic Blockbuster.

RODSUIT – Sour Bon Bons

Frequently within music, you’ll find that the vocal completely contrasts against the accompanying instruments – RODSUIT‘s vocals however, fit flawlessly within the ultra-chill instrumentation. With deep, well-rounded bass and a loose-and lazy relaxed beat, his incredibly low-pitched vocals fuse ever so smoothly into the mix, overall constructing a drone-like, infectiously hypnotic aroma.

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