ACM’s Top 5 Tracks Of The Week

08 Feb 2019

This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

A selection of ACM’s finest artists, hand-picked to finish off your week on a high. Discover more on the This Is ACM playlist!

Sasha Lillie – Better

Fresh and innovative, Sasha Lillie takes a stand against toxic and unhealthy relationships in her new track ‘Better’. Although the music itself is something that you might want to stick on whilst soaking in the bath, it’s also just as fitting for one of those moments where you find yourself running into an old ex. With a completely carefree and silky-smooth R&B feel, Sasha uses raw lyrics in a way that makes you feel like she has truly found her much-needed closure; “I deserve better, won’t let the pain that you caused me define me or let it break me”. Nearing the end, the track flourishes into a dazzling string section that finalises the beauty of the artist’s emotional growth. In the words of Ariana Grande – thank you, next.

You can listen below, or even catch ‘Better’ on a selection of Spotify playlists (New Music Friday, Pop Chillout and Brand New Chill).

Bethia – Place

‘Place’ shines a glorious spotlight on Bethia’s flawlessly-executed vocals, perfectly framed by the piano-driven melody that runs throughout the duration of the track. Falling somewhere between R&B and Soul, ‘Place’ holds a definitive maturity that is unmatched to the artist’s young age. Partnered with stunning vocal harmonies and a swaying rhythm, Bethia’s lyrics crown the song’s style to a T; “It’s effortless and free, it’s exactly what we need” – and we simply couldn’t agree more!

LUNR – Night Sky

Uniting stylish pop with laid-back R&B, ACM Trio LUNR release their new single ‘Night Sky’. The track exists as a luminous escapade of pulsing synth combined with wondrous vocal melodies set into the dynamic of a conversational male and female duet. Commencing with isolated city sound effects followed by muted guitar strumming, the track evolves from sections of light indie/synth pop to contemporary rapping – listen below.

Paris – Fly

Not only has this track made its way onto the Top 100 Singles chart list in Cyprus, it’s managed to peak at the number 1 position; and it’s no mystery as to why. Featuring an array of melodic synths interweaving to create its infectious, upbeat rhythm, uplifting vocals and a ready-for-the-weekend feel, this song not only tops charts, but will be the sure winner to get you feeling good this Friday.

Gwilym – Fyny Ac Yn Ol

With an ultra-clean production, Welsh ACM band Gwilym’s ‘Fyny Ac Yn Ol’ is a summery, indie pop anthem full of super-bright guitar tones, swirling riffs and airtight drumming. This is a song destined for festival stages and late summer nights; yes, it might be only February, but fear not, this weekend Gwilym are bringing all the sun we need. So pop on the shades, press play and transport yourself away.