Top Tracks Of The Week

ACM’s Top 5 Tracks Of The Week

25 Jan 2019

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A selection of ACM’s finest artists, hand-picked to finish off your week on a high. Discover more on the This Is ACM playlist!

1. Beijing – Strangers And Freaks

Taken from their newly released album Living Room Sounds, Beijing’s ‘Strangers And Freaks’, was recorded in, believe it or not, their front living room. This album is a homegrown, personal effort of childhood friends, seeking expression from the sentimental moments of their past; collectively, and as individuals. Routed by an infectious indie-funk fusion of pittering drums and a funk-heavy bassline, the instrumentation is joined by lead vocalist Josh’s loose and lazy vocal tone, suggestive of Alex Turner’s new vocal direction in Arctic Monkey’s latest album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. Josh’s effortlessly cool vocals are joined with Bowie-esque backing sounds, adding another captivating strand to the song. A highly mature creation that not only acknowledges the nostalgic sound of noughties indie, but combines it with their own contemporary twist with heart-warming individuality.

2. Me and The Moon – It’s Alright

In the light of the new tide of emotionally-powered indie bands such as Pale Waves or The 1975 arriving into mainstream culture, Me and The Moon have managed to catch the same wave, pulling fans toward their sound with a lunar-level velocity. Touching upon the popularised technique of upbeat and guitar-focused melodies, Me And The Moon offer their own delightful tinge, featuring vocals that make you think of Fleetwood Mac and a glistening, light surfer-rock flair. ‘It’s Alright’ is a truly uplifting and innovative release, with a sparkling chorus and youthful energy, Me And The Moon’s latest single re-affirms any doubts you might have about the weekend ahead – everything will be alright.

3. James Collins – Sun Down

Fluctuating between segments of heavily-layered vocals, idyllic piano and ocean wave sound effects, to more stripped-back sections which reveal simply the two components of blissful keys and ACM Student James Collins’s illusive singing, ‘Sun Down’ is as picturesque as it describes. A utopian venture of beachy warmth, crowned stunningly by James’s heavenly vocals. It’s also worth noting the cleverly placed sound effects; the crashing of the waves pair wonderfully with the falling melody of the piano; with curious jazzy chords and a peculiar structure, the keys arrive and exit the track in the same, ocean wave-like style. Listen to ‘Sun Down’ if you’re in need of a break from this week’s wintry climate.  

4. Tilly Valentine – Brick By Brick

ACM Alumna Tilly Valentine’s brand new single, ‘Brick By Brick’, starts off with warping synth, a groove-ridden muted bass and a flickering light beat. Stylistically fresh, the instrumentation flirts with Tilly’s playful Lily Allen-styled vocals. With her background being for the most part guided by trip-hop and jazz artists, Tilly transforms her unique combination of styles into something that is well-polished, sophisticated and luxurious. Listen to her new single below:

5. Alice Pisano – Lost In The Crowd

Making its way onto Spotify’s New Music Friday UK playlist, ACM Alumna Alice Pisano’s ‘Lost In The Crowd’ is a touchingly melancholic creation, with deeply warm and poignant lyrics, Alice sings directly to her listener about feelings of insecurity in a relationship; “Where is your heart, I gave you mine / Please don’t tear it apart”. With Alice’s velvety, soft vocals taking centre stage, supported by minimal instrumental sound; light bass, soft acoustic guitar, elegant keys, and nearing the end of the song, delicate drumming, the track is seemingly bare – but it works entirely to its advantage. Alice’s angelic voice and lyrical message stands untouchable within its isolation, once again showing fans that her songwriting and vocal prowess is something of an impeccably exceptional standard. Congratulations Alice!

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