ACM’s Top 5 Tracks Of The Week

11 Jan 2019

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A selection of ACM’s finest artists, hand-picked to finish off your week on a high. Discover more on the This Is ACM playlist!

Jimmi Herbert – Sepia City

Although it might be a cliche to state that a song is completely “unlike anything else”, it really is an inescapable notion when faced with ACM Student Jimmi Herbert’s ‘Sepia City’. Jimmi displays a range of musical influences within his work, from indie to hip-hop, this track takes its listener to a land of undiscovered territory; as if stepping into a dream, where familiarity exists only in the most abstract of forms. With a twinkling, soft guitar melody anchoring the track, Jimmi’s vocals cut through the mix, with the one possible comparison being that of a hushed Jack White. Although the majority of the song evokes the same sort of peculiar, spacey essence as artists such as Mac DeMarco or the Mild High Club, this doesn’t stop Jimmi from injecting in a rife contrast within the track’s mood; with a middle section of rap, this song really is an intelligent and entirely unique creation. We can’t wait to see what else Jimmi produces in the future.

Whitelands – Fluoxetine

Fuse indie-rock band Jaws with the more guitar-focused tracks of dream-pop duo Beach House, and you’ll find yourself in the sunny realms of ACM’s Whitelands (Etienne Quartey-Papafio), with of course, their own authentic stamp of originality. With a mellow and surfer-y core, ‘Fluoxetine’ offers chiming guitars and soft, idyllic vocals. Claiming to be an outfit which makes music from their bedroom, it’s fair to say this song definitely induces a little sleepiness – the good kind, however! Stick this song onto your chill-out playlist and you certainly won’t regret it.

Geo – Body

Smooth, sultry and sophisticated, ACM Creative Artist student Geo enthrals listeners with her stylish track ‘Body’. With a humming cello cradling Geo’s refined vocals, this song is elegant and pure, as it summons a classically timeless element that can only be admired for an artist of such a young age. However classical, ‘Body’ still manages to cater to modern ears, holding a contemporary style and abundant lyrical character, Geo’s music is something that is utterly unique and admirable. This year Geo will be supporting The Teskey Brothers on their European tour and it’s fair to say that we are certainly excited to hear her future releases!


TUSKAR – The Tide

Made up of ACM Alumni students Tom Dimmock and Tyler Hodges, Sludge duo Tuskar are taking no prisoners with their latest release The Tide, Beneath, The Wall. Consummated from a love of bands such as Black Sabbath, Mastodon and Sleep,  their influences are predominantly clear, as they belligerently deliver continuous, hard-hitting riffs, drenched in hellish, spine-tingling distortion. For this Top Tracks of the Week blog, we’ve decided to highlight ‘The Tide’ (the second song on the album). The track interweaves between sections of thick and fuzzy doom to technical snippets of brilliant chaos, an invention sure to make waves within the Sludge and Stoner Metal landscape. We are also proud to announce Tuskar’s feature in last week’s Kerrang issue, plus have even been added to the official Kerrang Rock Chart Spotify Playlist. 


Sour Kix – 3am

Sour Kix seem to have accumulated a variety of styles within their latest single ‘3am’ – and we’re loving it.  Hosting infectious indie riffs, bluesy bass-lines and 90’s pop/rock vocal melodies that might make you think of No Doubt, this new release delivers both old and new flavours. The perfect track to kick-start your weekend – listen below!

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