ACM Artist Spotlight with Production Student Kayncee

30 Jul 2019

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We had the pleasure of catching up with ACM Student and Hip-Hop artist, Kayncee, who recently released his new album “72 Hours”. We learnt about his music inspirations, ACM highlights, upcoming plans and more. Listen to the whole album here and let us know what you think!

72 Hours – Artworknew

1) What was the main inspiration for your new album release “72 Hours”?

Last year, the artists on Go For It got together and we created an album in 48 Hours. We had 10 tracks on the final album and it was released last July. Those 2 days creatively were dope, and we all felt like the pressure of the time limit forced us to push our collective potential. Having moved to Guildford this year with 3 other talented producers/ artists (Pond, SUV & Rodsuit) it felt right to try again. 3 days. This year we also produced the tracks within the time, an added challenge as we made all the beats beforehand for 48 Hours.

2) Could you outline who you collaborated with on this album?

Artists involved included: C Driz, Ray Wills, Rodsuit, BP MC, Stu Brootal, Ramzey, Ilona Mahieu, Samosa, Mister.Smith, Connor Rapper, Zelly One, Tommy Biz, Wrista & SUV

Producers involved included: Pond, SUV, Rodsuit, Mister.Smith, Kanon, Ace the Impaler & Sabz

Musicians involved included: Will Wormald (guitar), Marcus Rice (bass), Ze U’Chong (keys & talkbox) & George Curnick (guitar)

Learn more about how the album was made in Connor Rapper’s video blog.

3) How has your style evolved since your last album “48 Hours”?

I’d say my knowledge of audio production has come a long way since the last project and I feel it right to credit John Gallen and Tony Briscoe particularly for their wisdom throughout my time at ACM – their knowledge definitely helped me to efficiently engineer and mix this album. Also the musicians involved made a huge impact to the overall sound of the project, 48 Hours had live clarinet on ‘That Kid’ but the production was mostly samples and VSTs.
Major props to Will, Marki, Ze & George!


4) How were your most recent performances at ACM Summer Live and Tileyard Networking Event?

They went well, I’ve recently started playing shows with a live band where possible which has been hella dope and the atmosphere at Tileyard was blessed, I hadn’t been to one previously but I recommend checking them out!


5) What would your advice be to other up and coming Hip-Hop artists at ACM?

Work with as many people as you can & put the time in to practice your craft. Don’t waste your time here, it seems like it went by too quickly!

6) Tell us about your time studying Production at ACM? What has been your main highlight?

Everyone says it but the people I’ve met over the past 2 years have been why it was worth it for me. I’ve collaborated with some extraordinary artists and musicians and formed some strong friendships while I’ve been here. Big up people, you know who you are.

7) So, what’s next? What are your plans over the coming months?

Go For It Records turned 5 this year. Since i founded it in 2014 I’ve been releasing weekly videos for a freeverse series. We’re releasing the finale to this series in a few weeks, and I’m mad excited for it to drop. There’s 12 dope artists involved and Jacob Punter, our videographer, has helped us create something I’m truly proud of. I don’t want to say too much but keep an eye out for #250.

We’ve also got a few shows booked around the South-East: Aug 17th in Brighton, Aug 23rd in Hastings and I’ll be back in Guildford Sep 5th for a show at Bar Thirteen.

Follow me on Instagram @kaynceeofficial and @goforitrecordsuk to stay updated!


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