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From December 3rd – 5th, second year ACM students took to The Cavendish Arms in Clapham Common to host an array of inspiring musical performances for Winter Live Festival. ACM London’s cohort of Level 6 students performed extremely well at their first Winter Live public performance and we couldn’t be more proud.  


The standard of technical skill and teamwork was outstanding; students performed an eclectic range of music and showed great support for one another. From Yassin Badri’s amazing rendition of John Legend’s Ordinary People, Areatha Anderson’s uplifting gospel tones, to Yasmin Ibrahim’s lively 90s inspired R&B and Victory Paul-Emeralds’ immaculately delivered soul singing, Winter Live clearly catered to everyone!


We interviewed Yasmin Ibrahim after Winter Live Festival to learn more about her thoughts on the event. Here is what she had to say:

What was your highlight of Winter Live Festival?

“I enjoyed doing the backing vocals for my other classmates and also having photos taken by a photographer at the event. It was the first time a photographer was brought in for the 3rd years so that was pretty exciting.”

What are your main musical influences? 

“My main musical influences are 90s/2000s R&B music for instrumentals but I am also influenced by modern Pop R&B sound. A great example of an artist who influences me is Ariana Grande, especially for vocals.”

Would you like to perform at the next Winter Live Festival?

“Yes I would.”


Check out Yasmin’s Instagram channel to learn more about her musical endeavours. Also remember to keep up to date on all future ACM events by visiting our Events Page. We look forward to seeing you very soon!