ACM Studio Lounge

10 Nov 2023

James Starkey catches up with the first ACM studio lounge.

Four acts performed a series of talented sets which ranged from calmer stripped-back sounds of Luke White and Amber Saqladi as well the electric Danny Marriott.

It being the first event of the series, it was a bit hectic in nature getting everything ready for the stream, with a great team onboard but not yet a defined way of doing things. However, once the stream went live and Alfie Galpin welcomed the audience opening with Know Me, it was clear The Lounge was going to be something special.

Not only does the event allow for the access and consumption of such performances both live from the studio and online for those fans further away, its live recording through the SSL Desk partnered with high-quality cameras provides artists with studio-level audio and visual recordings they could never get from a standard gig.

Stay Tuned for the next instalment, which will go live on the 9th of November featuring No Cash Refunds, James Barlow and Dan Davolia. 

Link to the next stream

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