ACM Students unveil Exteriors | Issue 2

14 Feb 2024

A Profoundly Deep Game Catering to Women’s Depth Beyond Cosy Aesthetics. Jack spoke to Sab Finlay-Smith about the event.

Twelve talented students, each a tribute to ACM, hosted a Beta Release of their recent project Exteriors on December 6th at London’s Razerstore. Recounting teary tributes to the team, a warm reception and an-all-round fantastic day.

Exteriors, a playable experience, is a heavy hitting metaphor on the female experience and the superficial expectation projected onto those who identify as women. Conceptualised and created across twelve weeks by students, the team put in exhaustive effort which seems to have seriously paid off. The release signifies promise and demonstrates that Exteriors will succeed well beyond campus. Attending the release and playing through the game was the head of Games at BAFTA, really showing off not just their development skills but also acting as a testament to their networking.

The student team, or BadStudios, hope to release the completed game in March. A raw and abashed, expose on attitudes towards women, told through a series of symbolism, dialogue and letters with a twist that leaves a pit in the player’s stomach. Playing through a series of days, each with tasks to complete while being barraged by abusive NPC as you try in vain to tidy your house which never seems to clean, a story unfolds critiquing societal expectations of outward appearance. A fine comparison of the interior and exterior blending philosophically into a plea to just be kind.

Keep an eye on these developers and all their coming projects because if this is how they start, I can only foresee some real forerunners in the industry.