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We caught up with ACM Student and LGBTQ+ Society Lead, Luke McFarlane, who explained his involvement with the society and what to expect this month to mark and celebrate LGBT+ History Month.

Learn more below and stay tuned for further information and event updates!

ACM Student Luke McFarlane – Lead Guitarist in State Of Mind

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with ACM’s LGBTQ+ Society?

Hi! My name’s Luke McFarlane, I’m the LGBTQ+ Society Lead. I got involved through some friends and took the opportunity to lead the society.

2) How can students get involved with the LGBTQ+ Society?

We have an Instagram page, facebook page and group chat where we’ll plan and run social events, and keep these areas a safe and inclusive space for everyone. Please contact for more info on how to join!

3) What does the LGBTQ+ community mean to you?

As a gay man who hasn’t been exposed to much of the LGBTQ+ area of the music industry, I feel like it’s an incredible opportunity to network, socialise and just feel seen as both an artist and a queer person.

4) What are you studying at ACM and how are you finding the course?

I’m studying Creative Artist – Guitar on our Guildford campus! The course is allowing us to invest our time into multiple aspects of the music industry, with super helpful and relevant resources too. As a musician who wants to go that step further in realising my potential in music, I couldn’t have chosen a better course!

5) How are you going to be celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month this year?

The Society does have plans for some regular social events (including Netflix Watch Parties and panels) over Zoom and other online platforms (due to the current Covid-19 situation), as well as recognise some of the big LGBTQ+ names both in and out of industry and how they contributed to music as a whole for LGBTQ+ History month. I find it important to highlight this you can relate to artists on a more personal level, as well as provide inspiration!









ACM LGBT+ History Month Playlist

Discover a range of songs hand-picked by the ACM LGBTQ+ Society. Featuring tracks from popular artists spanning the last 50 years!

ACM LGBTQ+ Society

Please contact for more information on how to join!

The society has a Facebook Group to arrange social events and generally discuss LGBTQ+ topics and issues.

There are no upcoming events currently scheduled.