ACM Level Up: Game Development Tutor David McGreene Talks Game Design

13 May 2021

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Check out our latest “Game Design” Level Up video by Game Dev Tutor David McGreene (along with these game assets) showing you how to create a fun and inspired mini-golf game! David has also selected some of his favourite golf video games to help inspire you to create some of your own fun levels. Don’t forget to share your level creations with us on Instagram (@acm_uk)!

Level Up | Episode 2 – Game Design

1. Golf with Your Friends

One game that will certainly provoke ideas! Play with up to 12 friends in a mini golf-inspired game with a variety of modes and course!

2. Dangerous Golf

Just as it sounds! , this golf game is about destruction think Burnout + Golf!

3. What The Golf?

Not like any other golf game! This one is for those who hate golf especially! Each level presents a humorous parody using silly physics!

4. Mario Golf: World Tour

Mario + Golf ! Need we say more?

If you haven’t already, check out our Game Development Degree course at our Guildford and London campuses to turn your love of games into a career.

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