ACM Announces Game Development Tranzfuser Competition

15 Apr 2021

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We caught up with ACM Game Development and Futures Course Leader, David McGreene, to discuss this year’s Tranzfuser Competition for our Game Development students! Learn more about Tranzfuser’s Enterprise Pathway and how you can apply…

1. What is the Tranzfuser Competition and how do you hope it will help ACM students?

Tranzfuser runs on a yearly basis, where teams of graduates form to develop a game prototype over the summer period with the opportunity to obtain investment in order to start up their own indie game development studio.  

2. How can students get involved in this scheme?

Students can apply to the Tranzfuser enterprise pathway here:
Deadline is Tuesday 20th April!

3. How can schemes like this really help kick-start a students career?

Tranzfuser, in particular, is a great scheme to help students start their career for two reasons. Firstly having the experience listed on your CV will really help you stand out from the crowd by applying your skills in a recognised real-world setting. Secondly, this is a great way to start your own indie game studio with the experience and funding provided throughout the scheme.

4. What’s your top advice on the application process for students?

My key advice is to make sure you have a solid team covering all disciplines required for a prototype and are able to work collaboratively together effectively. 

5. Tell us about what our Game Dev students are working on at the moment?

With the game dev students I’m currently teaching, second-year game dev students are working together on a multidisciplinary collaborative project. This game is about a painter who has to deal with their past in order for them to finalise their last masterpiece. To do this, players will need to escape from a number of rooms within a gallery that house several paintings that induce flashbacks requiring the player to solve numerous puzzles and the collection of mementoes.

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