Your Access All Areas pass is here.

Your personalised AAA pass allows you to behave right now as if you’re already a student at ACM, right now.

Come visit us for some classes. Join some masterclasses. Use some of our world-class facilities. Book a tutorial with one of our amazing tutors. Network with current and prospective students, just like you. Be sure to bring it with you, the next time that you visit us.

Your pass works hand in hand with our mobile app, called myACM. To log in to myACM, head to and log in using the Access All Areas option, using the details we provided to you. If you don’t have them to hand, reach out to our Applicant Advisors on 01483 500 841 for assistance.

You Access All Areas Pass is your invite to join us on campus, whenever you like. Just reach out to our friendly Applicant Advisors on 01483 500 841 to let them know how you’d like to engage, and they’ll be more than glad to help.

If you live further afield from campus, that’s ok, you can also use your pass to engage with us online, too.

More information about the AAA pass and what opportunities it provides access to follows.

AAA Events

We have various AAA events scheduled throughout the year, see below for our upcoming events:

There are no upcoming events currently scheduled.