At ACM, every day of the week is different. You could attend a lecture, seminar, workshop, or practical session covering the modules you’ve been assigned for that term; book a one-to-one tutorial, in which you can discuss your personal goals and issues with a tutor of your choice; take part in jam sessions and rehearsals with friends and bandmates; get involved in extracurricular activities, such as Industry Link gigs; and much more. Below is just one example of the many possible schedules you might consider over the course of a single day at ACM.

9am: Individual practice session in on-campus practice room

10am: Technical Studies Workshop

12pm: Break

12.45: Band Skills Practical Session

2.45: One-to-one Tutorial

3.15: Music Industry Studies Lecture

4.15: Break

4.30: Elective Module Class

6pm: Break, study session

7 – 10pm: Band rehearsal / Extracurricular activities

If you have a passion for the creative industries, join ACM in its state-of-the-art facilities by learning more at an ACM Open Day – register on our Open Days page.

Open Days

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