Introducing… Liza Lo & Noa Peeters

09 Apr 2018

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From Amsterdam and Antwerp to Guildford’s ACM. Introducing artist Liza Lo and her manager Noa Peeters…

One of the benefits of studying at ACM is the network of like-minded students around you. We caught up with Liza and Noa, both studying on different degree pathways, who have joined forces to take the international music industry by storm…

Introduce yourselves…

“I’m Noa and I’m on the Music Business and Innovation course. I was born and raised in Belgium, Antwerp and moved to Guildford in September to start my first year at ACM. While spending a lot of time studying maths and sciences, I spent my evenings doing a production course, vocals and guitar back home. When I was looking into potential courses I discovered this pathway, and it seemed like the perfect fit: business and music.”

“I’m Liza, I’m from Amsterdam and am studying the Creative Artistry course at ACM Guildford. I’ve been a music fan all my life and had piano classes since I was 8 years old. I really started to get into music on a higher level in 2015 when I started a pre-conservatoire pop music course at the Conservatoire of Amsterdam. I was the vocalist of my punkband People From the Balcony back then. We quit our band in December 2016 and ever since I started focussing on my solo career. During research for a high school project about Amy Winehouse I came across ACM and went for a look around the campus a few weeks after, I loved it and applied for an audition straight away.”

How did you both meet and start working together?

NOA: “We met at a party in Guildford and there was an instant connection as we’re quite close neighbours – Belgium & Holland. As exciting moving to a different country may be, it’s nice to hear your own language once in a while. We were keeping each other updated about our plans and goals, Liza as a creative artist and me on the business side of things. After a while it only seemed right to help each other out.”

What kind of music of music are you releasing Liza?

LIZA: “I’m currently working on my first single ‘WHY’ which should be released in the coming 2 months. I would say it is stripped back electronic music with a souly vibe to it. The music that is going to be released after that is going to be more electronic and ambient.”

Noa – how do you work alongside Liza to push her as an artist?

NOA: “Liza has just started her career as an artist here, so more exposure in the local Guildford scene is our number one goal. I push her forward by making sure all the assets she needs are ready and refined to share with the public. I try my best to give her as much insight into the business side of things as possible as we go through the process together. Over the past few months we’ve had the chance to record her upcoming tracks at Metropolis Studios, perform a few gigs and do a couple of photoshoots. This all in preparation for her first single release and an intense summer of shows and festivals.”

What projects are you working on at the moment?

LIZA: “There’s currently a lot going on. I’m mainly focussing on getting this first single completely ready for the world. By this I mean working together with different producers but also other musicians to see what sounds we can create to make ‘WHY’ even more powerful. Besides the single I’ve been very busy working on new songs which reflect my musical sounds. Besides my own work I also collaborate with fellow students on other projects which I really enjoy and learn a lot from.

As an artist I love involving the other arts into my project, I won’t say too much so I don’t spoil anything, but think of animation and fashion…”

We hear you have a busy summer of festival line-ups ahead…”

LIZA: “I’m definitely playing some festivals! Firstly I’ll be playing at a Festival in Amsterdam called ‘in de Diamantfabriek’ Which will be the first time I’ll play my own music abroad and also the first festival I will ever play! The day after I’m playing at another event called ‘Planeet Many More’ with many other talented artists which should be a lot of fun! After this I will be playing at the Boileroom in Guildford.”

What does the rest of 2018 hold for you both?

NOA: “While managing two other artists, the rest of 2018 will be the introduction year for Liza Lo. As mentioned earlier, her first single will soon be released and there are some side-projects coming that Liza and I are working on at the moment, but that’s our little secret for now. Stay tuned…

LIZA: “I’d say there’s a lot to come, it is an exciting period for both of us I think as we’re planning on a few releases and have the time to create the music and visual arts to a standard we love. The main thing 2018 will bring for me is hopefully finding the right sounds and also find the people who can share the love for music with me and bringing the world my thoughts and imagination.”

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