Introducing… Kissed and Crowned

25 May 2018

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A new day, a new track from Kissed and Crowned…

The Kissed and Crowned boys are back with a brand new track ‘New Day’. We thought this is as good a time as ever to catch up with the ACM Guildford based band to see what they’ve been up to and listen to their new record…

Introduce Kissed and Crowned…

Hi! We’re Kissed and Crowned, a 4-piece band from Guildford made up of: Kyle Elliott – Lead Vocalist (Musician Route Vocals Degree), Jarreau Wetzels – Guitar and Backing Vocal (Creative Artist Route), Elliot Yarnall – Drums and Backing Vocal (Creative Artist Route), and Bryn Daniel – Bass (Musician Route Bass Degree). We mix catchy pop hooks with funk infused rhythms, attempting to create a unique energetic sound.

We are currently gigging in and around the London scene, and are releasing one single a month between April and July across all music streaming platforms. We recently launched the new studio ACM studio with the Electron Choir too which was a great experience.

What’s the story behind new track ‘New Day’?

‘New Day’ is about moving on from the daily routine, opening yourself up to new things and embracing new opportunities without forgetting your past and the journey you’ve been on to get there.

Tell us about the recording process for the new single.

We recorded ‘New Day’ in Newbury at Studio 91 and spent 2 days fine-tuning the arrangement and instrumental parts. There are some clips of our time in the studio on our Instagram including a very cool way of tracking guitar with a Wah pedal.

What does the rest of 2018 have in store?

We have a number of new tracks coming your way! We are also super excited to announce some big news in June so keep your eyes peeled…

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