ACM and Jamie’s Italian Acoustic Thursdays

28 Mar 2019

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Although most restaurants play some form of music to add to the ambience of the room, whether it be from a set of speakers or from a pianist softly playing in the background, Jamie’s Italian have lifted the bar to new heights with their new wonderfully chilled-out “Acoustic Thursdays” evening. Hosting a selection of ACM’s outstanding acoustic acts, customers not only have the privilege of enjoying some of the finest Italian food the UK has to offer, but do so whilst being entertained by a number of talented artists under the glow of Guildford’s street lights. Previous student acts have consisted of Hannah Dorman, Downtown Roundabout, Sam Church, and the event organiser/acoustic extraordinaire, Jake Rizzo.

We caught up with Jake after his set at last week’s Acoustic Thursdays, where he gave us an insight on how the evening’s have been going so far: “Every Thursday we are growing rapidly in interest and we can’t wait to see how it progresses over the coming weeks. We are extremely excited for the variety of music that we will be offering! It’s also such a great platform for ACM students. Evenings like this not only helps to craft the art of the performer, but does so within such a great and different atmosphere”.JAMIES ITALIAN LAUNCH-15

Acoustic Thursdays are a brilliant way to ease yourself into the weekend with your family and friends, and is also perfect for students or those needing to save a few pounds, with Jamie’s Italian’s Acoustic Thursdays exclusive menu, you can enjoy a main and a drink for just £13, so check out the full menu here!

We also spoke to Guildford’s Jamie’s Italian manager Dino Manganaro about how the evening has been doing so far, and what the future looks like for both the academy and restaurant.

Do you feel that the acoustic sessions have been beneficial to Jamie’s Italian?

“Absolutely! The partnership with ACM has added a buzz to our Thursday evening. It’s great to see young talents giving it their all in front of a microphone, no matter how big or small the audience. Jamie has always been keen to buddy up and create bonds with organisations that are involved in the development of young and skilled individuals, and the energy that ACM creates around the restaurant is amazing.”

We hear that you’re extending Acoustic Thursdays to other destinations. Do you have anything to comment on this?

“We’re definitely exploring options. I truly believe that the partnership between Jamie’s Italian and ACM makes sense, and our customers are responding really well to the evening. It would be amazing to see ACM Industry Link sending students to cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham in the future.”

How have Acoustic Thursdays been going so far? Have you had any customer feedback?

“Our customers are absolutely loving it! Lights are dimmed, candles are lit and there’s an incredible atmosphere in the restaurant. Plus, the Acoustic Thursdays set menu makes the evening really affordable – £13 for a main and a drink, what’s not to love? Thursday evenings have become a full night out here – an experience not just dinner.”

What do you think is the future for Jamie’s Acoustic Thursdays?

“I’d like to see Acoustic Thursdays continue in Jamie’s Italian Guildford, showcasing lots of young talent and building a local following. We’ll definitely be exploring options for other locations in the future, too. Come on down this Thursday for a great night, some top-quality food and great live music!”

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