Top Tracks Of The Week Featuring Will Tezz and Luna

05 Apr 2019

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A selection of ACM’s finest artists, hand-picked to finish off your week on a high. Discover more on the This Is ACM playlist!

Will Tezz ft. Nadia Pimentel – Ipa Nem A

Within an industry that still presents many holes in terms of cultural and racial representation, it is increasingly important that we acknowledge and celebrate the diverse range of artists that the world has to offer. ACM Student and producer Will Tezz is pulling on this thread of diversity by creating a series of releases that feature different vocalists from around the globe. So far, he has accumulated artists from China, Africa, and for this week’s top tracks, we’re highlighting his collab with Brazilian singer Nadia Pimentel. From listening to ‘Ipa Nem A’, it’s clear that Tezz is an artist whose creativity thrives within territories of a more experimental nature. With digital video game-esque blips, robotic warps and vocals of foreign tongue, this is a song that’ll satisfy your cravings for something that you certainly won’t have heard before.

Neon Islands – Edge

Somewhat existing as a mix between the fluorescent sound of 80’s throwback band White Lies and Surf-Rock band Jaws, Neon Islands seem to have landed themselves with quite the fitting band name. ‘Edge’ possesses all the power of this eclectic union of sound, but with a whole extra unique essence that is unparalleled within the current indie landscape. Think huge, sing-a-long choruses, exhilarating instrumental build-ups that’ll put The Killers to shame, and guitar tones so summery you’ll think you’ve somehow appeared at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. Take a step forward Neon Islands – we hear “Mr Brightside” is quaking in his wellies.

Dress Me Up – Luna

Starting off with a nightmarish Fairground melody united against a sinister child-like voice introducing the track, Luna’s ‘Dress Me Up’ is definitely a song for the after hours. With catastrophic, room-filling bass and venomous, hard-hitting vocals, Luna is breaking boundaries and rewriting what it means to be feminine in this post-#MeToo world. Although the track’s cover is stereotypically girlish in its use of baby pink and barbie dolls, ‘Dress Me Up’ is a cleverly constructed contrast against the conservative female persona – and we’re absolutely loving it.

 Aphrodite – How It Goes

Aphrodite is a name that most of us know belongs to an ancient Greek goddess who symbolises all things to do with love, beauty and passion. ACM London’s Grecian artist Aphrodite Liantu shares the same title, and by chance, channels the same mystical, feminine magnetism within her songwriting. ‘How It Goes’ is a delicate, beauteous ballad that incorporates elegant piano, mesmeric vocals and sentimental lyrics, and will in no doubt leave listeners spellbound in its wake. Listen below:

Super Ultra Mega FreeStyle – Luke Lorenz

Sound the alarm, Luke Lorenz’s new single is here – and it’s everything you could expect from a track with the name ‘Super Ultra Mega FreeStyle’. Fitted with relentless rapping, intelligent and humorous lyrics, a larger-than-life attitude and the occasional pig snort, this 2 minute sprint is a wild-ride from start to finish. 

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