Top Tracks of the Week featuring Dying Habit, Skunk Anansie, Alice Pisano and Owen Petch

05 Jul 2019

This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

A selection of ACM’s finest artists, hand-picked to finish off your week on a high. Discover more on the This Is ACM playlist!

Dying Habit – Noise

Cross the sharp, angsty guitar tones of Ty Segall with the heavily-saturated fuzz of bands such as Electric Wizard, and you’ll end up somewhat near the eerily-dark grounds of Dying Habit. Find yourself grooving through a series of repetitive slow head nods as you listen to this track’s looping doom riff that’s beefy enough to make Sabbath’s Tony Iommi wish the band never traded in their crucifixes for a final retirement. Featuring deep vocals that are closer to spoken word (Alex Turner, anyone?), this track has a spooky tone that’ll tickle the fancy of both indie and metal fans alike. Listen below, and listen loud.

Skunk Anansie – What You Do For Love

Stop what you’re doing and clock your ear-drums straight to your nearest sound system as Skunk Anansie have a new single. Featuring ACM’s one and only Ace, this track hosts choppy, fast-paced guitar and a rhythm that’ll get hoards of fans frantically smacking into each other in a dance-fuelled flurry on the band’s upcoming Summer Tour. Crowned by Skin’s euphonious yet edgy vocals, ‘What You Do For Love’ is certainly an exciting promise for any new material that’s to come.

Alice Pisano – All The Little Things

If the stresses of everyday life are getting you down, or you’re finding that you’re not feeling like the best you you can be, this is the perfect reminder to (yep, you called it), focus on all the little things. Alice’s silky sweet vocals pair beautifully with the dainty guitar tone, altogether combining to make a track that’s utterly angelic, poignant and the perfect track to ease yourself into a weekend full of positivity. Check out her debut and brand new EP here!

Owen Petch – Ghosti

Kick back, relax, and fuel your Friday night with this chill Electro-pop track. Owen Petch’s bright electric guitar, crisp drum beats, and upbeat rap tone combines to make an eclectic mix of sound that’s ready to become your new favourite . Check it out and catch his instagram here.