ACM Student Representation and Leadership

20 May 2019

This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

ACM is asking students to vote on filling the 2019-2020 Student Council with Course Representatives.

Why is this happening?

Every year ACM builds a new student representation and leadership cohort.


  • ACM believes that students are partners in their own learning and should help shape the student experience at ACM.
  • Consulting more often and earlier with students can help ACM to make better decisions.
  • ACM is changing the way it makes decisions and wants students more involved.
  • There have been changes to what best practice in student representation looks like and what we can learn from elsewhere.

A new Student Council:

  • ACM will create a new all-campus Student Council that all student representatives will be a part of. This will ensure student representatives have the opportunity to meet and work together on student issues across campuses, programmes and levels. This council will meet monthly.
  • ACM will introduce a dedicated Student Council at each of ACM’s Campuses (London, Guildford and Birmingham) so that every campus has a group of students who can represent them on campus-specific areas. ACM will consult each Council when making major decisions which impact students and will work with student representatives from all councils for other key decisions made through ACM governance committees.
  • The Student Council will be Chaired by a dedicated team of Senior Student Representatives who take on leadership roles and help drive student priorities forward.


  • The Student Council will get training and support from ACM staff
  • The Student Council will be involved in key projects (such as helping ACM form a new policy or helping with an event). This may involve allocating and supporting specific students to help with the project/event or responding to a project as a council.
  • ACM will support Student Representatives through new Student Forums where any student can come and meet their representatives and discuss what matters to you.
  • Question Time events will now be a permanent, termly activity and organised by the Student Council where student issues and concerns are put directly to ACM’s senior staff leaders.

How Do I Apply?

Application forms can be found on the ACM Student Council page on Canvas, and sent to

The final deadline for applications to be in is 8 October 2019.

Remember to apply or nominate someone by clicking here.