Introducing… Sun House

12 Apr 2018

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Sun House… keeping rock in fashion one crushing riff at a time!

Sun House are just half way through their Pledge campaign and are well on the way to reaching their final goal. The outcome? The ‘Rosedale EP’. We can’t wait! We had a chat with the ACM Guildford based trio about how they got together and their approach to writing music…

Introduce yourselves…

“I’m Emi, the singer and bassist.”
“Jamie, I’m the guitarist.”
“Hi I’m Cam, and I’m the drummer in Sun House.”

How did you guys meet and decide to form Sun House?

JAMIE: “I met Emi after posting to facebook that I was a guitarist looking for work. At the time, she was producing for a singer songwriter and needed a guitar player to record on a track. We met up in the studio and just got on.

At the time, Emi also had her own solo project that she planed to gig around Guildford; but a week before the gig, her RSI started to act up in her wrists. She called me to go play for her at the Ally bar (where we recently shot our latest music video). She had a few shows lined up after that and decided to add drums to the show… which was where I met Cam.

After continuing to work with each other, I showed Emi some of my own original songs. We began to write together, eventually producing “My Devil” which ended up being the first original song Sun House ever played. We started writing more and more as a trio, which naturally evolved into what Sun House is now.”

You’ve hit 50% of your goal on Pledge… what’s the plan?

EMI: “Wow, would like to thank everyone for supporting us. We’re going to keep pushing until we reach 100% so we can fulfil our Pledges and release our EP in physical form as well as online! We’ve got loads of exciting things lined up to give our pledgers exclusive behind the scenes content. Whilst all thats happening we’ll be finishing the EP ready for release.”

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How do you guys go about writing your music as a band?

CAM: “Usually Emi comes up with some lyrics, or Jamie has a riff idea that we then take to rehearsal. We usually just jam around with different ideas until we find something we like. Once we have the basic idea, we work on refining the ideas into what people know as a Sun House song.”

We see you’ve been spending time at Metropolis Studios… that must be a great experience?

EMI: “It is! It’s amazing, being able to record our debut EP in the same studio as so many of our idols. We’ve been working closely with the engineers there to produce something that really sums up what we are all about. We’ve really tried to capture the essence of Sun House in this EP.”

What does the rest of 2018 hold for Sun House?

JAMIE: “We’re hosting a launch party to release our next music video at the Alley Bar (where it all started) on April 30th. We’ve then got a long line of shows and touring lined up to spread the word about Rosedale (the EP) and we’ll be coming back to Guildford to launch the EP at the Boileroom!”

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