Introducing… Son Of Cabe

11 Apr 2018

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Producer, writer and multi-instrumentalist Son Of Cabe takes centre stage along with the microphone in his latest project…

We think you’ll agree that was a wise decision when you watch his new video for ‘Imposition’. We spent an afternoon chatting to ACM Production Degree student Conor McCabe – AKA Son Of Cabe – discussing how he got into music and to vibe over his new record…

Introduce Son Of Cabe?

“I started off playing drums and then got into production about 6 years ago. I found myself spending a lot of time searching for vocalists, but found little success. So, I decided to start singing on my own tracks and I’ve just done that ever since really. From that point it just felt kinda natural to keep going as a solo artist. I collaborate with producers and artists on other projects but apart from that… it’s just me.”

You’ve recently released the video for Imposition. Tell us about the song?

“Imposition is a downtempo electronic track about not being able to say how you feel because what you want to talk about might be a sensitive topic, like mental health. I wanted the video to capture the sense of social isolation and frustration felt because of this which is why it’s shot in two quite isolated settings.”

How has Darrin and the Discovery and Development team helped Son of Cabe develop?

“Darrin has been a great help in giving me lots of advice and the answers to any questions I throw at him.”

How do you approach songwriting?

“It vary’s song to song, could be a chord progression or a hook line – tends to be something that pops into my head at a random time, so it normally starts off as a basic voice memo recording on my phone. Lyrically I’ve always been interested, even when I was the drummer in bands as a kid I would write lyrics. I think I’ve got a lot to say. My friends can vouch for me on that!”

What’s next for Son Of Cabe?

“My second single ’Seldom See’ is coming out on the 20th April and then I’m going to be working on my live set so I can start playing shows later this year.”

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