Introducing… LongDayLateNight

28 Mar 2018

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Long days and late nights… that’s something we can all relate too, right!?

Well, LongDayLateNight are certainly putting in a big shift getting their music careers off the ground. We recently sat down with Extended Guitar Diploma student and guitarist from LDLN Jack Knight to introduce their new video for ‘Who Broke The Tree’…

Introduce LongDayLateNight.

“We’re an Indie Rock group from the Berkshire area and have been writing music and playing shows across various circuits for just over two years. Forming in February 2016, we staged our first gig the following May. In our short career so far, we’ve performed in front of hundreds at the O2 Academy in Islington along with various other unforgettable shows and venues; not to mention release two extremely well received EPs, ‘Lights’ and ‘Avenues’.”

What’s the story behind new track ‘Who Broke the Tree?

“Our most recent EP ‘Avenues’ included the lead single “Who Broke The Tree” for which we recently shot a music video – the song is a groovy and melodically charming story of an eventful 16th Birthday party. The song basically takes you through the evening and is definitely one of the more upbeat and cheerful songs on the EP.”

Tell us about the recording process for the new single.

“The recording process was very simple – the drums were tracked first before each layer was added on top to create the mixture of guitar sounds, along with the bass and vocals. The EP took just over two days to record, with the mixing and mastering all being done by Sam Winfield, an excellent sound engineer and producer from Newbury.”

What’s next for LDLN?

“The future for LDLN looks busy to say the least… we have a bunch of shows coming up over the summer including a performance at the legendary Camden Assembly. We also plan to release a new single by the end of the year. There’s lots to be excited about!”

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