Introducing, Jack O’Sullivan, an artist manager and The Buzz Student Editor | Issue 2

14 Feb 2024

His actual name is Jack Daniels – and we’ve worked out calling him Jack O doesn’t sit well. He’s a need-to-know type of person, both in our ACM community and the creative futures industry. 

“I’m studying music business because I’ve always preferred the behind-the-scenes managerial aspects of things. My whole friendship group decided to go to music colleges even before me – I was studying philosophy then – and I started to keep an eye out for them, and helped them send a few emails, to scouts, promoters, or labels… I kinda came to ACM with a portfolio and a whole change of plan.” 

In the business of music, Jack wouldn’t mind finding the next “voice of a generation” – He’s got a hand in pretty much every field, “I don’t do just one thing, I support the artist.’ With experience in organising gigs, marketing and the ins and outs of streaming services, O’Sullivan is a Jack-of-all-trades.

“I love that concept of “a voice of a generation”, taking their lived experiences and translating them to talk to others. With the finite ways of our lives, there are universal moments, like heartache, losing friends and families, and we all just living the same world.” 

He has good subject knowledge of our music legacy and is a feminist and ally. 

“One of my uncles passed away, about twenty years before I was born, and my dad found this big old box of his vinyl that he had.  And I inherited them, and my dad’s vinyl player…” 

We hear he was a “very naughty child” which pans out as a solid recommendation for our editor. In that role, he’s looking for content, cross-campus, to include in the mag: new music, whatever its genre, as well as reporters, podcasters, vloggers, bloggers, photographers and writers, to take commissions and bring ideas for coverage to the table.

Best gig you’ve ever been to so far? 

“Got to be The Mountain Goats at the Roundhouse one of my favourites for years and years – teenage dream going to see them, John Darnile he’s a great lyricist.” 

Always looking for another angle, Jack points out his dream gig as well: 

“I am unapologetically a massive Bob Dylan fan so my dream gig would have to be the Newport Folk Festival he did in 1964 or any gigs of his back in the day. I’d die for that man, I love that man.”  

You know he hated music journalists? 

“Not this one, I’m sure” he grins.

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