EFFO | Sweet Release

14 Feb 2024

Fresh from his SSL studio session, Ollie Frith (aka EFFO) is a Rap and MC student at ACM Guildford. Now is your chance to say you were there on his way up.  

Sweet Release is a genre-hopping confection for the ears, improving with every piece of minutia that you discover with each listen.  EFFO flows effortlessly on this, with his work being perfectly complemented by featured vocalist Sonny Zuco’s soul-inspired crooning in catchy hooks that are dotted tastefully throughout the track.  The real sweet release in this song comes as EFFO flexes his abilities by fluctuating in tempo throughout his third verse. This demonstrates his assuredness and control in his performance which sets EFFO apart from his competition.  Influenced by artists like Rizzle Kicks and Loyle Carner,  EFFO has carved a clear artistic niche of his own nonetheless and is sure to gather quite the following in the coming years.

I urge you to delve into EFFO’s discography and discover for yourself the fun that you are missing out on.  You can even see him perform in the SSL studio sessions series if his discography is not enough for you.  With more releases scheduled in the future, now is the time to dip your toes in the water and join the bandwagon.  Even if he is a little bit on the shorter side. (JO)