Professional practice forms an integral part of your learning journey and is exactly what employers and investors alike, want to see evidence of.

ACM’s new Creative Industries Futures Programmes are designed to:

  • INSPIRE your creative self by being immersed in an interdisciplinary hub
  • IGNITE your personal and professional creative aspirations or projects
  • INFLUENCE your professional peers, industry partners and sector
  • INFORM your strategic vision to become realised
  • INNOVATE a Creative Industries Future for yourself and others

Purpose is key

We are committed to an inclusive educational philosophy that encourages students from all backgrounds to undertake programmes of study that will enable them to expand and develop their personal and professional skills whilst developing their career opportunities in the creative industries. We will provide the basis for effective lifelong and life-wide learning and the development of the “whole person”, not just technically competent creative professionals.

Learning in an Interdisciplinary Community of Practice with one-to-one support from Creative Academics and Professional Mentors – Mirrors the industry you want to be part of

As a student in ACM you will be working closely with our senior creative academic team and professional mentors, often on a one-to-one basis.

The new undergraduate degree provides the creative interdisciplinary learning community for you to pursue your own work and research and share this with your peers and colleagues. Your supervisor, mentor and learning community will challenge you and support your professional and academic development. We currently have expertise in games design and development, technical arts and live events, composition for media and commercial song writing, creative artistry, live and studio production, arts therapies, community arts, business leadership and management in the creative industries and you can select skills modules from any of these to run along side your chosen specialism . You can even opt for dual core subjects like ; creative entrepreneur and production and enrich this with the skills modules to give you a much wider experience and project portfolio. This is what the Industry wants to see!

Knowledge is important. Demonstrating you have the experience of having applied your knowledge to add value to a project that matters is everything..

Build your skills, develop Specialist knowledge, collaborate and generate creative work as a series of industry facing project. 

ACM’s new interdisciplinary programmes enable you to select from over 100 dedicated, industry specific skill modules where you will be supported by a personal tutor to select two every term and then go on to apply the skills within a collaborative project which brings together members from every cohort once a term. projects are structured to be informed by industry and come with industry leaders to offer insights and guidance.

Take a Deep Dive into the Creative Industries and learn the value of fast research that has Impact for You and Others

You will have open access to one of the most advanced library and learning resources available today which will enable you to discover many creative industries and future opportunities that could generate creative work, projects and opportunities for you. The projects you will then take part in will enable you to demonstrate real value for others and, due to our unique digital transcript system, your skills portfolio will be automatically generated as you move through your skills modules and collaborative projects. This is what industry leaders want to see; hard evidence of applied learning that is authenticated by your institution.