ACM confirms new partnership with Joe Clegg

08 Nov 2022

ACM are proud to announce our new  ‘ACM Hybrid Drum Module’ that aligns contemporary curriculum to industry employers’ expectations.

Hybrid Drumming is an industry expectation and understanding how the evolution of technology aligns with all aspects of our musical journeys is essential. As academic industry leaders we recognise the importance of reflecting the ever-changing shape of the music industry. Therefore, with our new partner Joe Clegg|Artclub Live sharing our vision and shaping our new Hybrid academic framework, ACM will be the market leader with this new product.  

Hear from Joe Clegg why he’s excited about this new partnership with ACM.

To facilitate the ‘ACM Hybrid Drum Module’ each of our campuses will have dedicated drum suites that encompass the evolution of the drum kit in one bespoke setting. Imagine 100 years of the instrument in one learning environment where all aspects of your creative and academic journey align with all current industry expectations – Welcome to the ‘ACM Hybrid Drum Module’

This will be an amazing opportunity for our students to engage with one of the most current industry professionals in the UK.

Dr. Tom Williams, Head of Curriculum & Delivery