Introducing Chinchilla… Alternative Escape Previews

08 May 2018

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Brighton better get ready for Chinchilla…

On Thursday 17th May, we’re heading to Brighton’s Great Escape festival to curate and run the ultimate new music showcase at the North Laine Pub as part of The Alternative Escape. On the bill is a certain ACM London student Daisy Bertenshaw… who you may know better as Chinchilla!

We caught up with Daisy ahead of her performance so we know exactly what to expect…

Introduce Chinchilla, what course are you on at ACM and who are your biggest influences?

“I’m Chinchilla, a 21 year old urban pop solo artist from London. I’m studying the Creative Artistry course at ACM London.

My musical influences range all the way from from Michael Jackson to Prince, Little Mix, Stefflon Don, Anne Marie… but my biggest influences have always been strong empowering female icons like Beyonce, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, and so many more that I grew up listening to and admiring. They have done so much for female empowerment and have inspired so much in me. As have many of the amazing women (and men) around me growing up, who I’d also class as my biggest influences. Anyone who ingrained empowerment, acceptance, and fun in me, I’d count as a massive influence on my morals and the music I make today.”

How has your time at ACM been so far, any highlights?

“ACM has been great for me, the opportunities to come out of it have been special and the people i’ve met have been priceless. I play with two of my best friends backing singing for me which has probably made my year – so many laughs and ‘work’ never gets old.

A big highlight for me was playing the Winter Festival at the Electric Theatre in Guildford. We were encouraged to go big on this performance and got a great response from the audience. Guildford is always especially lovely to visit and play in, but this night felt extra magical to me!

I think playing The Great Escape will be a massive highlight for me as it is a goal I have had for a while which I didn’t expect to happen this year – so am buzzing for it!

To be honest, the tutors have been a massive highlight of my ACM experience. I have been so grateful and astounded by the kindness and enthusiasm of everyone. The amount of extra hours and effort they put in to go above and beyond for students is amazing and it creates such an exciting, lovely, supportive atmosphere. You can tell you’re in an environment of people who love music and are passionate about their jobs!”

What can we expect from your set at ACM’s Alternative Escape Showcase this year?

“I’m definitely going to be putting my all into it! You can expect exciting new revamped material, lots of different flavours and dynamics, dancing, energy, attitude and sass, raw emotion, some fierce empowerment, acceptance, and a lot of fun!”

If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice from the start of your course, what would it be and why?

‘You don’t ask you don’t get’ – It took me a long time to realise you may as well ask for something or try at something because you will never be in a worse position for not having done it. I’m still learning this and it’s hard to get out of the natural human reflex to shy away from what you most want in case it goes wrong. But biting the bullet and being brave is definitely something crucial I have learnt and wish I’d known sooner; Your comfort zone is not a space to grow!”

What’s next for Chinchilla?

“Big things! I’ll be working my a** off with as many people as possible on getting this off the ground! Lots of gigging and songwriting and producing, filming, photoshoots, designing, collaboration – all in all refining everything and working hard preparing for a big release in a few months time!”

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