Industry Link



Industry Link bridges the gap between education and the music industry.

ACM’s Industry Link supports the student experience, career development and provides a resource for fast-tracking students into the music industry. It organises various industry events throughout the year, that both students and industry participate in, to bridge the gap between education and industry.

Industry Link has built up enviable relationships and contacts within the music industry throughout the world, and is widely regarded as the UK’s premier resource for new talent. Its goal is to advise and support students from every course discipline in their next career steps. There is a dedicated team of ACM tutors and external consultants who can help students with contracts, professional development, internships and auditions.

Industry Link is, and should be, an integral part of every student’s time at ACM. It is a unique and continually developing element of the ACM experience that gives students a head start in a very competitive but exciting industry.

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