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Music Production student Adam Guitart, otherwise known as Zurra, has released his brand new single, Hold It, on Get Twisted Records.

Guest interview by an ACM Music Business student.

Zurra Hold ItThe track features everything you’d expect from a first-class house song and the beats are so infectious, they’ll be stuck in your head all day. What may come as a surprise to listeners, however, is that most of the track, apart from the kick and sub, was actually made using just Logic stock. “I was on the train to a booking in Leicester and to pass the time I set myself the challenge of making a track using only the stock instruments in Logic. The main bass sound was made using the EFM1 plugin, and everything else was found in random parts of my Logic library”, Zurra told me.

Having a rough version of the track ready by the time he got to his booking that evening, Zurra played it during his set and already had a great feeling about it, commenting: “I had a strong feeling I was onto a winner. It took me about a week after that to get everything sounding the way I wanted structure and mix wise. It’s been a regular in my sets ever since.”

Asked about how it felt having this track set to release through Get Twisted Records, “Honestly, it’s an amazing feeling… I’ve always been a massive fan of everything that Tough Love, LiTek, Blaise, and all the other Get Twisted heavy hitters have put out on the label. Alex and Stef were very supportive when my debut release, “The Dance Machine” dropped in December, playing it on Kiss FM on a few occasions. After that they shortly got in contact and now we’re here!”

So, what is Zurra planning for the future? Well, currently he’s working on more tracks that he plans to put out for free download, remixes and originals; “I’ve also been working closely with Rob Made and Sleazy Deep so I’m sure you’ll hear something sooner than you think developing from there. Apart from that, I’m going to be spending more time focusing on Sugar ‘N’ Shake, which is a UK Bass project made up of myself and my good friend Matt Roberts (crazy talented producer and DJ).”

Hold It is available from May 5th on all major streaming platforms and music stores.

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