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Yannick Ireland – ACM Electronic Music Production Degree 2nd year student – this week launched his new website, Artisound Limited. Artisound gives artists the chance to synch their music to the wider creative industries. We sat down with Yan to discuss his journey through ACM to releasing his new business into the wild…

What motivated you to come and study Electronic Music Production at ACM?
As a musician I have always been interested in making music, so initially I came to ACM for an evening course on Ableton Live to learn a bit about music production which I enjoyed thoroughly. This consequently inspired me to continue into full time education with ACM’s Higher Diploma. Upon completion of studying CertHE I decided I wanted to continue, and the fact I predominantly made electronic music, the Electronic Music Production degree seemed fitting for me to pursue.

Tell us about what you’ve been involved with during your time at ACM?
I took as many tutorials from ACM lecturers of all disciplines and have furthered my musical capabilities ten-fold. For example, I improved my singing and piano techniques from performance lecturers, and have seen many business lecturers for entrepreneurial guidance.

ACM has offered me a plethora of informative lectures with regards to all aspects of the music industry – most important to me in this instance was video synchronisation. This interested me greatly due to the downtempo and ambient music I make, which turned out to be very useful for sync, and was actually able to sell a couple of my tracks for sync. My track features on this video with actress/model Lake Bell.

How did the idea for Artisound come about?
Well I came to the conclusion that I did not want to be a performing “artist” and I had served my time as a DJ on stage already, so this prospective career seemed really appropriate for me. However, I wanted to go further. I wanted to find other artists and put them in contact with relevant industries to synch their music into. Industries such as Food, Fashion, Travel etc..

So with a lot of time and effort (and borrowed money) I have developed Artisound Limited.

How can ACM students get involved?
It’s extremely easy for students to get involved! All information about registering is on the website under FAQs. Once you make an account, agree to the terms and conditions and upload your music you are done! Once a required amount of content has been accumulated on Artisound we will go live to the consumer so users can start listening to artists music for potential purchase. All the legal work has been done at our end already and the student’s music remains theirs on a non-exclusive basis so there is nothing to lose, only to gain!

What is next for Artisound?
Expansion and integration to the creative industries. Students are always welcome to keep uploading to Artisound, and if there music is relevant it will be delegated to suitable parts of our soon to be extensive library!

Keep up to date with Artisound by going to the Website, and by following on Twitter.