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In collaboration with The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) and Andertons Music Store, the Yamaha Live Sound Surgery tour came to Guildford to reveal the secrets and best practises behind working a Public Address (PA) system.

Whether stage show or conference, the quality of the PA system can make or break an event. Yamaha have been holding sessions nationwide to help people overcome these difficulties. This week the tour came to local instrument retailers Andertons Music Store to hold a workshop that was lively, engaging, and revelatory.

“We’ve found there’s a big demand for this type of practical information, so our entertaining and educational session will provide those attending with the skills and confidence to proficiently operate a PA system in a variety of situations. It’s perfect for people who run events involving live music, whether it’s in a bar, a hotel, a community centre or any space where the audience expects professional sound quality.”
Chris Irvine Yamaha Pro Audio Manager

The afternoon saw experts from Yamaha not only explain how a PA system works, but also demonstrate how to get the best out of one based on you and your clients requirements.

The group examined each of the components that make up a PA system, running through finer details such as the nuances of choosing the right mics, the use of DI boxes, the wrong and right was to set up a mixer, using EQ to remove unwanted frequencies and feedback and the role of FX and Aux busses.

ACM Students Provide the Live Scenario
To add a practical dimension to the event, ACM students – who were invited by ACM’s Industry Link Team to perform before and after the session – took to the stage for a Q&A session and live sound check to help demonstrate some of the problems, solutions and ‘real world’ situations that a live sound engineer might face.

This event not only showcased the thought process and considerations that go into purchasing the right PA system, but crucially the skills required to ensure the best sound, which can ultimately be the difference between a good and a great event.

ACM would like to thank Yamaha and Andertons Music Store for the opportunity to host the Live Sound Surgery and look forward to the prospect of hosting more of these events in the future.