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ACM Vocal Alumni Nicky MacPherson and Anastasia Dhanraj are two thirds of the Woo Woos; a girl trio with the potential to do big things. This was the verdict of The Guardian’s Paul Lester when he promoted them as his ‘New Band for the Day’.

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The group are about release their debut single on the famed Moshi Moshi Singles Club, a series that has delivered debut releases from Florence & The Machine, Friendly Fires, The Drums, Kate Nash, Lykki Li, CocknBullKid, Slow Club and Big Deal.

With recording under way in New York, their debut album is due for release next year and it seems clear that The Woo Woos are going to create a stir with their 90s trip-hop and pop chorus styles.

“Combining the cute, effortless vocals of Sugababes 1.0 and the trip hop-meets-pop production of Sugababes 2.0, WooWoos could be out new favourite girl band.”

“Nicky and Tasie worked closely with us during their time here at ACM and are in continual contact with the BDC seeking advice with each new venture they take part in. Keep an eye out for Woo Woos performing at a Livelink next term!”
Suzi Ireland BDC

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