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With the beginning of another academic year fast approaching, ACM is pleased to launch it’s newsletter series to regularly bring you a selection of the very latest news and events from ACM’s packed calendar. Here’s just a taster of the new initiatives and changes we’ve made to improve ACM and the opportunities for students to get involved and kick-start a career in the music industry!

Here’s some of this year’s headlines!

  • New ACM Courses
  • ACM now part of UCAS
  • New ACM Prospectus 2013/2014
  • ACM Industry Link
  • ACM Student Union

New ACM Courses for 2013/14
ACM is always looking to push the boundaries and opportunities for music industry education and we are pleased to announce the addition of two new courses to the ACM education roster.


ACM Kickstart // Guitar for Beginners
Ever fancied playing guitar but have no idea where to start – then Kick Start Guitar is the course for you!

The Kick Start Guitar course is an ACM part time course designed for beginners of age 12 and upwards (no limits) as an introduction to the skills required to begin rocking out on guitar.

Student will learn a variety of introductory guitar skills including tuning your guitar, basic technique and scales!

Find out more about ACM’s brand new Kickstart Guitar course.


Music Business & Innovation Diploma
The new ACM Diploma in Music Business & Innovation gives students the essential knowledge of business for artists and those wishing to enter the music industry working for a record label, in marketing, publishing and new media.

Taking the fundamentals of business, with a specific focus on the music industry and combining the best of both the business and music specifications from Edexcel, the diploma is structured to ensure you are working on real world situations. Taught by lecturers that work professionally in all sectors of the industry, they have an enviable list of contacts and experience to offer on a course that takes you far beyond an ordinary diploma to immerse you directly into the world of music business.

More information about ACM’s brand new Music Business & Innovation course coming soon…


ACM Now Part Of UCAS
ACM can now confirm that from September 2013 all our Music Performance, Audio Production and Music Business & Innovation CertHE and Degree courses are now listed on the UCAS website allowing prospective students to include ACM on their UCAS University application.

All of ACM’s CertHE and Degree courses have their own individual UCAS codes to help you apply for the right ACM course and level, while ACM is also a certified and searchable UCAS institution.

Our new partnership with UCAS means that you are one step closer to a career in the music industry!


New ACM Prospectus 2013/14
Want to study music, but not sure which ACM course is for you? Then you need the BRAND NEW ACM Prospectus!

The latest installment of our Prospectus lists every course and study pathway available to study at ACM and introduces you to the ACM world. From our stellar tutor faculty and state of the art music facilities to how to apply and Guildford life, the new ACM Prospectus is a great way to start your ACM journey.

Download the NEW ACM Prospectus (2014/2015)


ACM Industry Link
ACM’s Industry Link team are your doorway into the music industry. Made up of experienced A&R and industry representatives, these guys are here to help fulfil your music potential with a range of live audition, industry job opportunities and a range of live performance & industry focused networking sessions.

Send them your demos, book one-to-one tutorials, audition to play live or simply touch base on the latest new job opportunities via the new MyACM system – the Industry Link Team are here to maximise your ACM experience!

Find out more about ACM’s Industry Link Team and your opportunities.


ACM Student Union
Following the successful launch of the all new ACM Student Union in 2012, your ACM Student Union returns for 2013 to help you maximise your time here through a variety of events, societies and other opportunities.

As the ACM Student Union is affiliated with the National Union Of Students (NUS), you can expect to receive a host of student discounts via the NUS website and in a number of Guildford’s shops, bars and restaurants!

Find out more about the ACM Student Union and how you can get involved.


The All New myACM
ACM’s online student and alumni system returns for a new year with brand new features, upgraded options and a splendid new look and interface to revolutionise your ACM experience. Book tutorials, practise and studio facilities, submit ALL your ACM assignments (subject to ACM education guidelines), check your ACM email, keep up to date on the latest ACM Student Union activity and apply for the very latest ACM Industry Link auditions and work opportunities!

The only limits on this brand new system is how often you use it especially with the Brand New ACM App (available to download via Android and Apple App stores) allowing you to instantly access your MyACM account anywhere and everywhere. Pretty cool, huh!

Even if you’re not an ACM student, the new MyACM Portal is still open to all to register – keep up to date with the latest ACM events, student news and local opportunities with your own unique login!

Find out more about ACM’s new MyACM system.