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Like many ACM Alumni, Music Business Degree Alumna (2013) Viktorija Veilentaite’s love of music is what have driven her dream of getting into one of the most competitive industries in the world.

After growing up in house surrounded by music Viktorija admits that music has become a driving factor in the way she feels. Add to this the rise in new music discovery via social media and the digital landscape, it was an inevitability that one day she would secure a position somewhere in music.

Before coming to the UK Viktorija was studying violin, piano, vocals at another music academy and was freelancing as a violinist/singer in between running crazy karaoke nights in one local pub back home.

Now settled in a position at Universal Music, ACM caught up with Viktorija to find out more about her journey and aspiration for the future.

Tell us about what you’ve been up to since leaving ACM?
Before I graduated from ACM in 2013, I had a chance meeting with Vikram Gudi at The Great Escape Festival and I secured an internship at Elephant Music (they do consulting, synch, licensing, publishing and management), which really helped me build some industry experience and confidence.

Following my course graduation I took a job as a waitress – not a glamorous start to my career, but it was a really important step in helping me decide which career direction I could take as applying for everything and everywhere wasn’t very appealing plan for me.

In the new year I started looking more seriously and secured a few interviews before being offered a position as a music assistant/PA for general manager at Universal Music Group (UPPM – Universal Publishing Production Music). I had however originally applied for a different position, but didn’t get a job, but a month on I received a call from General Manager who explained that I had been highly recommended by people who interviewed me the first time. Following a face-to-face meeting and interview with him they offered me the job!

So what’s on the horizon for 2014?
2014 is fast becoming an exciting year thanks to the new job at Universal and my main aim will be to learn as much as I can about music production and promotion, whilst improving in any aspect I can.

How did your course prepare you for life in the music business world?
Firstly, I got the fundamental knowledge about UK music industry and how the market works. Analysing reports, making assumptions and justifying them was very useful and important for any future jobs because it encouraged me to think critically and analyse – key skills in my opinion.

I also liked the fact that throughout the course we were not put in some ‘frames’. We had the freedom to choose our topics and areas which we were interested.

Do you have any advice for those looking to get into industry?
Make sure you verbalise your career ambitions and explain what you want to do because you never know who is listening. Interviews are very important – you have to be smart, but believe me, no one wants to employ a snob so make some jokes, relax and show that you can be a good and valuable member of team not just because of your knowledge, but because of your personality too.

Everyone knows that music industry is all about networking, so DO IT! I’d strongly recommend the Young Guns networking events or just volunteering for any music industry events.

What motivated you to come and study at ACM?
I wanted a good music business education which I couldn’t get back home, so after careful consideration and research I found ACM. I came to ACM open day and made my decision. I still remember the first time I saw those shiny doors and heard the beats all over the place!

What was the best part about studying at ACM?
First of all I met people who I can call one of my best friends. Big kisses to my GANG (they know who they are). And obviously, the teachers! We were lucky to have some very open minded and professional people on board. I think their encouragement to never give up and look for something what is the best for yourself was one of the key things I always remember about ACM.

ACM would like to thank Music Business Alumna Viktorija Veilentaite for getting back in touch and sharing her story and wish her luck with the new job at Universal.