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ACM was pleased to welcome Video Game and Sound Designer Jack Attridge to Guildford to deliver an Audio Production/CSD Masterclass session on Game Audio and Sound Design.

The masterclass session took place in Room 11 on Monday 25th February from 3-5pm.

Jack has worked as a Sound Designer with some of the biggest companies in the games industry including EA, Rebellion, Mind Candy, and 22cans. His previous experience sound designing for film was met with new challenges when it came to creating interactive audio for multimillion pound projects.

As an Audio Designer, Jack has many credits on top video games: ‘Sniper Elite V2’ went to Number 1 in the UK gaming charts. ‘Judge Dredd VS Zombies’ was downloaded millions of times across iPhones. ‘Moshi Monsters’, which has been consecutively the number 1 kids franchise in the UK (the first to knock Star Wars from the top of the charts), has over 70 million players around the world. More recently Jack has become the sole sound designer at one of the most talked about start-up game studios ’22cans’ where doubling as a game designer, Jack’s first and hugely controversial release alongside industry legend Peter Molyneux OBE was the innovative social experiment ‘Curiosity – What’s inside the cube?” . He is currently working on a crowd-funded project titled ‘Godus’. Outside of Game Audio, Jack has won accolades such as a Royal Television Society award, a co-director credit alongside Kevin Macdonald on Ridley Scott’s film ‘Life in a Day’, and a ‘Level of the year’ award amongst other nominations within communities for his custom level design on other games.

During the master class, Jack will discuss what he learned through his own entrance into media industries and introduce the students to the new and exciting career avenue for audio professionals that is the video games industry. The class aims to give students a greater understanding of the realities of audio for video games and a strong understanding of how better to prepare those considering starting a career in video game audio.

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